September 4, 2009

Dear Jesus, Thank You for the Cow

Years ago my mother-in-law acquired a cow. This cow became pregnant. And so, my mother-in-law said that after the calf was born and had grown enough, she would sell it for her son who got married first.

Now that papers are being filled out and sent in, money has been greatly needed. My husband and I gave up leaving alone and moved in with my parents in order to save money. Even though we weren't renting any more, we were still trying struggling with the idea of paying hundreds of dollars for paperwork. Until...

One day my husband and I were making dinner, when the phone rang. It was my father-in-law. He sounded terrible, only asking where we were and telling us to come to their house. Our thoughts immediately sided with the worse possible scenarios. Was his mom alright? Did something happen with his brother?
So as soon as we hung up the phone, we raced to my in-laws' house. When we got there, it was definitely a surprise!

The cow had sold and they were giving us the money to help with paperwork! Not only would it help, but it would pay for all of the forms put together!

This only goes to show yet another example of how God knows the end result, not us. And if we follow His path, he will give the solutions.

September 2, 2009

Paperwork Prayer

After filling out many forms and paying a slightly giant amount of money, the paperwork is being sent.
Tomorrow is the day. All the forms, evidence, and of course cash, will be sent off! We have been working and researching for months now, trying to find the easiest and cheapest way to get my husband over the border legally.
Thankfully since he is my husband, he won't be including in the lottery system and will for sure be getting is residency. This can be a difficult process and sometimes lengthy one. Hopefully not though.
To those who are reading, please keep us in your prayers that all goes easy and speedy! We are hoping and praying that we'll be moved out and ready to move in to the new house by December.
Blessings to all!
Thank you for your prayers.