August 14, 2010


Well everyone. I typed a great new blog while chilling at the hotel a few days ago and as I went to post it kicked me offline, erasing the entire blog. Nice.
It was quite a lovely blog telling you haw I'm about 20 weeks/5 months pregnant. I stressed how crazy it seems because the time, to me, has been crawling by. This is only so because I've been living for these many pregnant months without my husband, which makes my heart cry as well as my eyes.
I also went on about how I tend to forget that I'm pregnant until the newest sensation, kicking, starts up. They were especially noticeable while driving through the Ozarks.
Yes you read correctly, I was driving through the Ozarks. I actually am now in my hometown for a baby shower that some family has so amazingly put together! And to top things off, one of bestest friends is driving in tomorrow night so we can talk and pray and cry together (before the baby shower the next day).
Have any of you seen the movie Julie & Julia? Well if you have, then you know the relationship between Julia Child and her beloved friend Mavis. Let's just say that my friend is something like that, only I've met her before. And we talk about life and praying for each other rather than cooking. I just haven't seen her in person in two years. So I am even all the more ecstatic to see her!!!
So here I am, in 40 degree cooler weather. My butt is finally starting to get it's feeling back after being in numb from driving across country. And well, it's past my bedtime. I've had my herbal tea and brushed my teeth. Goodnight readers. I hope I haven't kept you  waiting for too long. And I hope you are still wanting to read what I have to share. It should only get better from here on out.
Oh do I have things to share...