May 26, 2009

Birthday Boy

Sunday was my husband's birthday.
After midnight I played the maƱanitas for him on the boom-box my mother-in-law let me borrow.
The day before, he also mentioned that he didn't want any more cake [because of so much left over wedding cake]. So I made him a bowl of chocolate pudding and put a candle in it. He cried and I think that was the best part [for me]. That's when he opened the gifts from me. I bought him a bunch of things but the shirt I bought him was my favorite. I love how it looks on him!
That same day it started to rain around 5 am. Let's just say it was great!
We slept in and missed church. So we decided to make a nice breakfast together.
Because my mom and my husband share the same birthday, we went over to my parent's to give her her gift.
That night our families came over for dinner, along with a few friends. After a simple dinner of pizza, my dad started a cream puff fight. It all started because we had small desserts [cream puffs, chocolate eclairs, etc.] instead of cake. Now this wouldn't normally be weird but because we're Mexican and because of where we live, there are traditions. Smashing ones cake into their face for example. So my parents started shoving cream puffs in each other's faces.
All in all it was a good day and thankfully the birthday boy enjoyed it!

Yesterday was our last "premarital" counseling with Gama.
Today we ordered another "original" copy of my husband's birthday certificate. It should arrive on Friday and at the latest Monday. So that means we'll be heading to Matamoros either Monday or Tuesday. I hope and pray that all goes as easily as Irma Laura said it would.
We've also decided to move to San Antonio until school is over at least. But papers for my husband come first!

May 16, 2009

Last night was ok. I got to meet my husband's family from San Luis. His grandma is so cute; she almost fainted when he introduced me to her! She and the aunt think I'm the most beautiful thing.
But then there were the things that made me want to cry, and we won't go there.
Oh and because of more problems, different friends will be presenting us with the laso. At least now, I won't have to worry about the laso being a real rope!
Well no time!

May 15, 2009

I'm trying to stay calm. Nothing is going wrong. I just don't want to be stressed. I'm sitting outside trying to get some color while writing this and while painting my toe nails.

Now I'm heading back to the wedding site to see if my hubby needs anything. I hope no one else sees this stuff before the wedding... TOMORROW!
Especially my grandma. I want her to be understanding too, of why she can't.

I need to move the arch!

May 10, 2009

A week has gone by in our new house. I was sick until Wednesday, and we're not sure why. I had my first medical treatment here in Mexico. I had my blood drawn (for the second time since I'm here) and three shots in the butt. It's amazing how painful they were. Another thing - I've been so so hungry! Every night that I haven't been sick I wake up and eat at one/one thirty in the morning! I don't know why. I just pray I'm not pregnant. I want a baby, but we can't afford that now.
Marcos gets sillier every day! He's always finding new ways to make me laugh.
My maid of honor and the photographer arrive tomorrow. I can't believe how the time has flown. It feels like my best friend was just here. That was over a month ago already! Wow.

May 3, 2009

Moved In

Today is our third day in our new apartment. I had wanted to start writing on the first day but I was just too tired after moving all day. Everything that can be unpacked, is unpacked.
I am so happy with our apartment. The paint needs touching up, but I love the color. I think that if I could have picked a color, this is what it would be. It's almost like an oatmeal color.

Yesterday I started feeling really sick. I still do and don't know why. I think I woke up five times in the middle of the night, just to use the bathroom. One of the times when I got back in bed, Marcos pulled me over so I could lay my head on him. [He normally does this but...] He was ok but then all of a sudden he started to squeeze me really hard! He was sleeping.
After that he woke me twice by talking in his sleep. I don't remember what he said, all I remember is that it was loud enough to wake me and that one of the times he asked me a question. Silly!

Now, all I want to do is rest. I need to try and eat something. I haven't eaten since breakfast [yesterday].

May 1, 2009

Just the Beginning

A new page. A blank one, at that.
Oh the possibilities!
There is a bottomless pit overflowing with ideas.

I am a new bride. Fresh off the market. Clean cut. Unseasoned.
This is where I have decided to keep a journal.
The funny moments. Moments of sadness and angst.
Where I can jot down my thoughts on being The Mrs.

Here we go....