May 31, 2010

Late Blog

Oh me, oh my.
I must apologize for not writing. I can't say that I forgot to write. I just was putting it off.
Big, big things have been happening in our lives and I needed to get a handle on my feelings before I typed it for you all to get excited about.
As two of my best friends would say, it could only be one of two things. And well let me just tell you now that my hubby is still waiting on his papers. This news only makes that fact more and more difficult.
So here it goes...
I'm pregnant!

Yep. You read correctly.         PREGNANT!

I found out about three weeks ago and waited until after my first doctor's appointment before telling anyone. I will admit to telling a handful of people via phone before letting y'all know. So please forgive me if I didn't tell you in person. A few of you I wanted to tell but didn't have numbers. Sorry.

I have written blogs about being pregnant and all the great experiences I've had since I found out, I just haven't submitted any of them. So don't think that I've given up on blogging or that I've forgotten about you guys.

So the blog is taking on yet another new aspect. Me, us and our first pregnancy.
Keep reading!

May 26, 2010

Funny Hubby Moment

After I returned from my hundredth trip to the bathroom yesterday I found Marcos pretending to knit with two of his super long-nosed screw drivers. He said he should make something for the baby. Silly!

I'm Back

I went to change the laundry and decided to cook up one of those marshmallows. It was good but not like a s'more. It was a little different too because the ones she bought me are pink and yellow. I think their flavored too. Not sure what flavor though. Maybe I should go eat a raw one to decipher the flavor. :)

Nearly Two Months Along

I'm here in Mexico, doing my laundry and writing to you. I am now 7 weeks along. Still early but almost to 2 months. My cravings haven't gotten real weird yet. Two days ago I got some nopal tacos. I don't usually get those. They are usually too slimy for my taste but that day they were pretty tasty. I made potato soup last night that turned out awesome!! I think I'll be having that for lunch as well. My brother-in-law came home for my husband's birthday, which was Monday. He made dinner for anyone who wanted it (pollo and carne asada) after I had already made dinner for Marcos and I. But sitting there in front of the fire pit made me crave s'mores! I didn't have the stuff to make them though. Bummer.

I ended up feeling really bad though. My mother-in-law heard that I wanted some and brought me a bag of marshmallows. It was too late to eat them by then and I had already brushed my teeth. So I think I'll roast a few over the stove today!

May 19, 2010

My First Appointment (cont.)

Sorry for not finishing the blog, I got distracted. Anyways...

Unlike the states you can't do your lab work at the doctor's office. So the next morning, I had to do the blood and urine tests at a lab. I was told to fast that morning before the blood tests so I did.

I never used to like having my blood taken but I've pretty much gotten used to it. In the states they prick your finger but here they take about 3 vials. Nice, huh? So they took my blood like normal but then I started to feel a little dizzy. Things started to go black, and after a few seconds I couldn't hear anything. After I woke up a little I found Marcos in a panic, holding alcohol under my nose to wake me up while telling me to breathe. When I could finally see and hear again, I made my way to the car with Marcos' help. He left me in the car to buy me a bottle of water and back with a chocolate covered doughnut in addition to my water.

Because I don't remember a thing, he went on to tell me that I fainted and was out for about 4 minutes. He said he was freaking out because I stopped breathing. He also went on to tell me that the doctor who took my blood said that this happens every time a pregnant lady has to go through this. I guess because of the fasting before hand and the sudden loss of that much blood...hmm. Weird.

All I know is that I feel great now!

Oh and we got the results back, I'm super healthy! :)

May 18, 2010

My First Appointment

I had my first OB appointment yesterday. My original plan had been to go to a doctor in the states, well that changed. I made an appointment at a clinic at the earliest they could get me in, which ended up being at 4. I found out that she doesn't even get to the office until then. What? I mean, what does she do all day?

So, trying not to be bothered I waited all day and went back at 4. 4:05, 4:10, 4:15, 4:20... nothing. So I asked the guy at the desk, who by the way looked like he'd been trying out too many meds in his spare time, and he had no idea where she was. So I left my number and headed out. I went with my husband to a new hospital they're building because they had the same doctor's name on their list. She wasn't there but thankfully they gave us directions to her personal office. So after waiting all day I finally saw her at around!

She was so incredibly nice, and thankfully not creepy!

I knew that at my first OB appointment I'd have urine and blood tests but I didn't think I'd have an ultrasound! Yeah! I had my first ultrasound!!! I was excited but nothing like my husband. Marcos couldn't believe that he could actually see it and it's heart beating.

I admit that I was excited but I think I was just relieved that there was only one heart beat! I don't know what I would have done if there was more than one.

May 14, 2010

Watching Belly Movies

Last night we decided to watch some of many baby movies to come. We watched Back Up Plan last night. It was a little awkward for me, watching the movie with my brother-in-law there but oh well. My husband did admit though that it helped him to watch the movie. He does hope that I don't make noises like the lady in the movie though.

So we're going to rent movies like Baby Mama, Juno, and to be honest I'm not sure what else. Are there more baby/pregnancy movies I could rent?

May 11, 2010

No More Finals!

Last night I had my last final of the semester (thank you Jesus!). With things being the way they are back home, I didn't want to drive by myself all that way. So I decided to stay state side and go visit my parents, even though they live even farther away then my in-laws. I stayed overnight after a late night run for expensive Chinese that didn't end up being all that great. The next morning I went to Target with my mom and sister before I headed back home. I headed straight for the baby section and took pictures with my phone (sh!) of a few cribs and car seats to show my husband. After filling my mind with all things baby, I headed to the book section where I ended up bumping into my mom. I picked out a book on baby names while she wanted to buy me the famous “What to Expect When You're Expecting.” I also ended up buying a novel and my sister lent me a book she had been reading. So off I went with all my books, and only if you could have seen my husband's eyes when I arrived with a library in the backseat. Priceless.