December 31, 2009

Good-bye 2009!

It's the last day of the year.
When I think about it, this year has flown by.
So many things have happened and we've done so much but it's hard to remember things other than our wedding!

Some highlights of my year:

January - Going to Chicago. Buying my WEDDING DRESS!
February - Translating for a group of people from MN. Rojo concert with my new family!
April - GET MARRIED BY LAW!!!!!!
May - Move to our apartment. WEDDING IN THE "CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
June - Helping my sister prep for her Euroquest. (& writing her a lot after she leaves!) Visiting my mom while my dad was in the DR.
July - CLR girls staying with my mom. Painting my parents house while they were in San Juan.
August - Sending my hubby's papers.
October - Going to Chicago.
November - Having a great Thanksgiving!
December - Traveling to Zacatecas & Durango. Maria Luisa's wedding. Our First Christmas [married].

So not to much big stuff happened this year for me. Things just went from being me to us, single to married, and Miss to Mrs.
It was a great year! I hope you all can say the same!
Happy New Year's Eve everybody!
Good-bye 2009!

December 28, 2009

Chicken Poop

Back in May, while prepping for the wedding, the two of us went to clean the wedding site.
One of the things that needed cleaning was the fountain. It was beautiful and I planned to fill the fountain and float candles and orchids in it. The only problem was that it was covered in bird poop.
So we brought some old scrub brushes and went to work on the fountain. With my hubby constantly learning English, he learned something new [while cleaning]. Bird poop. He thought it was the funniest sounding thing, so he kept saying it and using it in sentences.

[Late]Christmas shopping this year I was checking out after buying some tools for the man. At the check out there was a little box containing "chicken poop." Ew, I know right? Gross! But looking closer, it was a gag. It was just plain chap stick on the inside. So with the memory of cleaning the fountain, I bought it as a gag for my husband.
Christmas morning, I sent my husband on a treasure hunt. I gave him a clue of where the first gift was hidden and with each gift there was another clue. Let me tell you, the look on his face when he opened the chicken poop chap stick!!! Priceless!
Now that he's figured out what it really is, he totes it everywhere - grossing everyone out!

Our Quiet Christmas

Christmas was nice this year!
Of all the gifts received though, my favorite was having my husband home for four days! We had great talks and just a great time being together.
This was the first holiday ever, in my life, that we didn't have a big fiesta. It was only my parents, my sister and the two of us. Quiet. Peaceful. Nice.
Don't get me wrong, I love having people here and serving alongside my mother. I am just grateful that this last Christmas in Mexico could be just the family.

A few days before Christmas I found an apartment! I am so excited and yet I find myself crying when I think about moving. I don't want to move without my husband but I don't have a choice at this point. So unless his papers come within the next week, I'll be moving without him.
I try to look on the bright side and think of how I can get the apartment all nice and ready for when he comes, but I keep coming back to the thoughts of wanting to share these moments with him!
So pray for us please! Continue praying that the letter will come and with it great news!

There are many stories from this weekend and I will end up sharing some of them but on separate posts to make it easier for us all.

December 15, 2009

I forgot about Christmas

How is it that Christmas is next week?
Where have I been? How did I forget?!

Because of all our unexpected payouts this year, we're not buying many gifts. But even so, I'm way late on getting started. So...
Surprise! I bought the first of my Christmas gifts.... YESTERDAY!
Yeah, you get my drift. Much longer lines. Walmart takes and hour just to check out, so in other words, bring a book with you. Oh and not to mention the last of the "pickins." A few months back I found something that I thought my husband would like but now, the store is sold out. Blah.

Every year my mom, my sister and I make Christmas cookies together. Lots and lots so we can freeze them. This year, we haven't made one. Not one!

Maybe all this forgetfulness is due to where we live now. It no longer gets cold [so there's no snow!]. It just seems like summer still.
I think I need to where there are more seasons. Washington, Oregon, Maine, Illinois. Something.
Do you have any suggestions?

December 9, 2009

Yet again, I'm late.

Here I go again... forgetting to update this blog.
Well I admit that I didn't totally forget. I've just been a little busy or like now, sick.
I feel better than yesterday, when I was suddenly struck with the plague! Blah!
Now, I'm not one to go to the doctor the first day I Check Spellingfeel sick. Nor do I like to go to doctors I don't know. For the past three years, I've gone to different doctors who didn't seem to know squat! So as you can see, my hesitation as grown... a lot.
I feel bad, but I don't think writing about it will make it better. So on to new and better things!

This past weekend my husband and I went with my family on a road trip to a few states south of us. It as nice to spend time together even more so because it was our first vacation together since we're married (we never went on a honeymoon).
Friends of ours got married this past weekend and we traveled to support them. We also traveled a few more hours west to see my brother-in-law. All in all we had a great time, but as a friend would say, we could make a book out of what happens when with my family.
Just a few highlights were....
Me getting stuck in between the elevator doors; the van in San Fransisco terrain that had no reverse; the patch that rids people of evil spirits... and so much more.

Now we're home again and glad to be in our own bed.

[If any of you want to me to elaborate on stories, I will. Just ask!]

November 14, 2009

Tardy Blog

Oh jeez. I promised myself that I'd try to update this blog at least twice a week. Not even a month has gone by and I've failed. My upcoming New Years resolutions don't look so good at this point.

Not too much has been going on. We are still filling out forms and making sure paperwork is done. I'm taking yet another test for school. Little things. Oh!, We have a house guest.
It's been pretty interesting. This girl is a friend's fiancee and she's been with us for just over a week now.
But other than that, it's just the same old stuff. A week ago I made some white chili, which as become a favorite of my hubby. Last night my mom asked me if I could give her the recipe some time soon. Overhearing my mother, my husband thought she was asking so that she could make it for dinner last night. (We had dinner with them last night). Sadly though, that's not what we ate... He was even a little sad, too. I guess that means my cooking is getting good!

November 1, 2009

Harvest Pumpkin

Most Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. They enjoy lots of food and fellowship, dressing up, giving thanks. Some go about things very traditionally while some don't. But we Americans, if asked, can tell you when we celebrate Thanksgiving and why it was started.

Where we live, people don't celebrate the harvest, much less Thanksgiving. It was odd to me when we first moved here but only because I had forgotten that only Americans have Thanksgiving.In order to keep with our traditions, we have decided to celebrate turkey day each year. People come and eat and we all have loads of fun. But sadly, people from other cultures or other countries tend to associate pumpkins [along with a few other things] with Halloween.
My family doesn't celebrate Halloween and us kids were taught at a young age the meaning of Halloween. We never put up spooky decorations or carved anything related to Halloween on our pumpkins. It was all about the baking, making scare crows, and visiting the orchards. Everything we did at that time of year was to celebrate the harvest. The changing of the leaves. The autumn.
So when we moved away and continued our traditions, many people thought that our pumpkins, even the un-carved ones, meant that we celebrated Halloween.
Now that we've shared many stories about Thanksgiving and the history behind it all, many of our friends and especially my husband now understand. And now we can continue to carry on some of my family's traditions.

With that said, we carved our first pumpkin!!!

Can you guess what it is?

October 26, 2009

Protein Drink

A funny blurb from this weekend.

My husband and I were at my mom's house while she was cleaning out the cabinets. She found a brand new tub of protein powder. Asking my dad like always if was ever going to use it, he immediately claimed that he wanted to start taking it. As my mom and I rolled our eyes, my dad looked at my husband. "You want to start taking it together," he asked. My husband answered in an unexpected way asking "Does it make you fart?" As so not funny as that may sound to you, you must know that my husband didn't speak a word of English a year and a half ago. He's not taking classes either, he just listens to me when I speak. But seeing as how we speak to each other in Spanish, he doesn't get too much practice.
So when my non-English speaking husband asks in perfect English if the protein powder will make him fart, it's pretty funny!

Monday Again

Grumble, grumble! It's Monday again.
How is that possible? It seems like it was just Monday.
Bills to pay, loads of laundry [again, somehow], prep for moving...
I'm not currently working so I guess I can't grumble too much.
But a whole week has gone by and I'm still sick.
I don't think these meds are working. I've been drinking herbal tea and as of yesterday I've been gargling. Only with Listerine though.
Does anyone know of easy remedies?
I've heard of gargling salt water or warm orange juice.
Numbing spray; although I don't know how that would heal me.

October 25, 2009

Horse Pills

Ugh! Being sick is never fun!
I've been sick for six days now and on meds for five of them.
I'm not horribly ill, don't worry it's not swine flu!
It's just been this awful sore throat. No cough, runny nose... nothing.
Just me and my achy throat.
What's almost worse are the meds.
I remember as a little girl having to take awful tasting medicine and looking forward to the day when I could take something that didn't taste so gross.
Let me tell you, the medicine I'm taking now is one of the most disgusting things ever.
As most of you don't know, I live in Mexico. (My husband is from here).
And unlike the states, the don't coat their pills. So as you can imagine, the pill starts to dissolve as soon as it enters your mouth. Even before you have time to pick up the giant glass of water that you're going to need! Oh and by looking at the size of them, you'd think they were meant for horses.
Woof! It's awful.
The first few days of taking the pills, my husband kept making sure that I had taken them, knowing that I hated to take them.

So yeah. I live in Mexico, and will until this winter. We have been waiting for my husband's papers; they still haven't come but prayerfully they will.
I am going back to finish college. (I took a year off). And so in December, I'll be moving back and I hope he's with me. I can't imagine living alone! Especially in two different countries.
But like I said, we're hoping he'll have his papers.

So, if you have the time, shoot up a little prayer for us!

October 20, 2009

Not Knowing

Something struck me today, thinking about my husband's paperwork.
Even though been it's difficult waiting, I have this peace. A peace that fills my thinking so I won't worry.
At the beginning of this long process, I prayed to be strengthened but through peace. I didn't want to be freaking out all the time about the timing and the fact that my life is pretty much in the air until the papers land. Thankfully my prayers were answered and I have been more in peace these past few weeks than I could have ever hoped for.
What's funny, is that people around me are the complete opposite.
While visiting my hometown, it was something I heard at least once from everyone. The same from everyone too. They went on about the government and their system. About how 'they couldn't believe that it was so difficult for the people who wanted things done legally but so easy for the illegals to live there.' Even though most of it was true, I just wanted to turn around and leave when most people opened their mouths. More complaints were shot out verbally than I alone have had mentally. In my mind it seemed so childish for the others to complain about something so personal to me; I just made me think a lot.
Yes, it is hard not knowing when. There are so many things that can't be planned, so many "unknowns." If any of you know me personally, you would understand how difficult this would have been for me. I prefer everything in my life planned out, with detail and color. I don't like surprises and I usually need to know what's happening next. For now, everything is cloudy and I'm not sure what to do. But I have learned that He does know and that He sees what's coming up next. I've learned that He just wants me to trust Him to make everything alright.
Thankfully God has given me the patience and His amazing peace so that I can go through each day thanking Him. That's all.



October 6, 2009

Thankfully Time Flies

Last month my grandmother had surgery. It went well but was followed by sickness. There was a second surgery that was supposed to happen at the beginning of October but, because of the sickness afterwards, my grandmother cancelled. Before we knew it was canceled, my family booked flights to go see her. With her sick and in the hospital, she would need additional care and so would my grandpa. Even after we heard the news of the cancellation, we just figured that the surprise (we had no intention of telling them) would help her with the healing process.
Well the beginning of October came and off we went to visit.
Thankfully the few people who knew that we would be coming didn't spill the beans this time and we were able to surprise a handful of people! A good friend of the family and her entire family were shocked to see me. My grandparents were the most shocked out of anyone. Well, they were the only ones to cry...
It's great knowing that there are still a few people who value us and enjoy seeing our faces when we visit.

Unfortunately, my husband isn't able to cross into the U.S. yet. We are set in crossing the "right" and legal way, so we must hold our horses! But let me tell you, it was more difficult than I imagined to leave him home alone.
When I made plans to come, I didn't think to much about it. I prayed and I knew that it might be the last time that I would see some of my family for a long while, so I just trusted and booked the flight. Having to be apart from my husband didn't cross my mind as "going to be difficult" because I knew he'd be waiting for me and that the trip was just over a week. But it has! It's been rough sleeping without him and even having to share a bed with my sister again! Eating with a bunch of familiar faces, just not his. Things like that, make me miss him that much more! I know that people say it's because we're newlyweds and that I'll think differently in the future. But I hope I never do. I love waking up to his face. I love that we pray together at night before we doze off. I love to try to impress him with my cooking. It's something I never want to be without! Him.

September 4, 2009

Dear Jesus, Thank You for the Cow

Years ago my mother-in-law acquired a cow. This cow became pregnant. And so, my mother-in-law said that after the calf was born and had grown enough, she would sell it for her son who got married first.

Now that papers are being filled out and sent in, money has been greatly needed. My husband and I gave up leaving alone and moved in with my parents in order to save money. Even though we weren't renting any more, we were still trying struggling with the idea of paying hundreds of dollars for paperwork. Until...

One day my husband and I were making dinner, when the phone rang. It was my father-in-law. He sounded terrible, only asking where we were and telling us to come to their house. Our thoughts immediately sided with the worse possible scenarios. Was his mom alright? Did something happen with his brother?
So as soon as we hung up the phone, we raced to my in-laws' house. When we got there, it was definitely a surprise!

The cow had sold and they were giving us the money to help with paperwork! Not only would it help, but it would pay for all of the forms put together!

This only goes to show yet another example of how God knows the end result, not us. And if we follow His path, he will give the solutions.

September 2, 2009

Paperwork Prayer

After filling out many forms and paying a slightly giant amount of money, the paperwork is being sent.
Tomorrow is the day. All the forms, evidence, and of course cash, will be sent off! We have been working and researching for months now, trying to find the easiest and cheapest way to get my husband over the border legally.
Thankfully since he is my husband, he won't be including in the lottery system and will for sure be getting is residency. This can be a difficult process and sometimes lengthy one. Hopefully not though.
To those who are reading, please keep us in your prayers that all goes easy and speedy! We are hoping and praying that we'll be moved out and ready to move in to the new house by December.
Blessings to all!
Thank you for your prayers.

August 11, 2009

Date Night

When my husband and I had our premarital counseling, we were taught the importance of date night. No matter what we had been going through, we had to set time aside for date night.
It's easy at the beginning, or at least it was for us. It still is, only now we're starting to get a lot more busy.
So we pick at least one night a week that we're going to do something fun, just the two of us.
One night we had been painting all day so we ordered a pizza and had a picnic in the living and we rented a movie. Another night we just went for a walk around the neighborhood.

Spending time together just talking, trying to focus on nothing else, can be amazing.
I am so happy that neither of us has forgotten date night.

So tonight is the night! DATE NIGHT!
We're driving out to where there are no lights, bringing along some blankets and watching the meteor shower!
Tonight shall be grand!

August 8, 2009

Define Family

Lately, my husband and I have been going through some extremely difficult family situations. Right now, especially. And so a few nights ago we were talking about family. About what really defines family and how we, as a couple know who to consider family.

Curiously, I looked up the "real" meaning of the word. defines family in many ways. Some of the definitions were obvious and exactly how someone pictures the word "family." It's like in children's storybooks about the mommy and daddy with their kids. They also include any blood relative such as any of the parent's siblings or Nana and Papa. But that's not what I meant. I didn't mean "relatives," I meant "family."
The more unusual definitions were those describing the Mafia "family" or the classification of plants and animals. But still, not quite what I was looking for. So, after reading on, I finally came across part of a definition and decided to add to it.

In my opinion, family should be a group of people who love, care for and support each other. It's a group of people who aren't necessarily blood relatives but are people who share the same attitudes, interests, and/or goals.

So, who is part of your family?

In the midst of all that my husband and I have gone through, separately and together as a couple, there have always been those few faces that always made us feel better. They are the people who are with you through the good and the bad. They are the ones you can rely on. And they know the real you.

So, we want to thank you. All of our family who has been there for us. Who has cheered us up when we were feeling blue and to all of you who have kept faith with us. Christ will surely bless all of your lives for all that you have done for us. We could never thank you enough!

To any one else reading this, please pray. Pray for our family and our relatives.

August 2, 2009

How We Met...

Last spring I ended a terrible relationship and swore off any type of relationship until I had finished at least one year of school. Like anyone else that comes out of a nasty situation, I craved the need for extreme change. I started making plans and even acting on some. But I mistakenly spent less time in prayer about these decisions and in turn God has His way with things.
Within the next two months I had a great visit with a friend from Minnesota. We had long talks, and one especially, that stands out in my mind. We were sitting in my room at my parent's house talking about the plans I wanted to make. I told her all about how and why I wanted the next relationship to be all in God's hands. I also expressed how I wouldn't even think of getting married until after I was 21.

That same week my friend was here, we "hosted" a kid's camp. A group from Minnesota came down and worked with about 8 different churches in order to put on this week long camp. One of the many churches that helped, was a church located near my house that I had never seen. Nor had I met any of the members before.

That week my job was Snacks! I and a few other "girls", but they were all people I knew. I never really had the chance to get to know the people from the new church. But I did get to watch some of them. One in particular was a guy from there. He was a leader of the smallest children. Every time I saw him, he was dancing around with the kids, and he always had their attention. I love kids and I've always had a heart for teaching Sunday school so this caught my attention. Little by little I heard about things this guy and his brothers were doing at the camp. They had servant's hearts and would do anything to help. They were a blessing. All three of them, along with the people from their church.

I remember telling my mom at the end of the week that I wished God would give me a husband like one of the brothers. That I wanted someone with a heart like theirs, that wanted to serve God. My mom responded in a way I never expected saying, "Yeah, how about the older brother! He's cute!" I remember laughing and telling her that I preferred the younger of the two that worked with us. [This was all joking, mind you.]
Soon after I found out that my dad told my mom that he hoped that God would bless his daughters with men like the brothers. (What?) Was I really hearing all this? I had never heard my parents talk this way and it shocked me.

The week after the camp, my parents and I traveled to southern Mexico for a missionary conference. Not long after arriving at the resort, I received a text message from what appeared to be a friend's cell phone. Wrong! It was one of the brothers. Nothing weird, just saying hi. To me though, it was again - shocking.
As the week went on, the texting continued. Even while sleeping, I kept the phone at my side.
It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
And from there, other feelings began.

Even though little time passed, I knew something was different. This guy prayed for me. We only spent time with family. We shared the same spiritual beliefs. This was all very new.

After a short while, he asked my parents if we could start dating. So as of August 2nd, 2008, we were "novios." After a month had passed, he left to work in another state. We were 11 hours apart. For the 3 months that followed, we communicated by phone, email and thankfully Skype with video! It was terribly difficult, but we kept God in the middle of everything. I don't believe 12 hours passed where I hadn't prayed for him at least once or twice. He meant so much to me.

A few days before Christmas, he came home for two weeks. He was different. But I wasn't sure how. Something just didn't seem right.
The day before Christmas we went for a walk in the park and he told me he needed to talk to me. He sat at one of the tables and starting to sing and then said,

"Sarah, I don't want you to be my girlfriend anymore."

(What?) A million thoughts started to fly through my mind. (Why had I waited for a guy who would do this.) (I knew I should have waited.) (I told you God!) (WHY?)

"....Sarah.... I want you to be my wife."

(What?) (Are you serious?)

From the beginning, I had been praying about the seriousness of our relationship. So, I just stepped back and let God handle it.


We soon picked a date and started planning.
On April 14th, we were legally married!
And well the rest is still in the works.

Many of you had asked how we met and I either never responded or I gave you a short answer.
As you can see, God had a plan. A pretty good one... And all I had to do was ask Him what steps to take.
We can't expect to live a life without problems, without struggles. But God knows how to help us, and He will solve all our problems.

I can only thank Him now. He took my "plans" and changed them ALL! He gave me everything I ever dreamed of in the form of one person. He gave me a husband that thankfully puts God first and me second. I can't ask for more than that.

July 20, 2009

In Your Face!

Here I am again. Sitting in bed thinking of something to tell you.

There are many cultural differences outside our newly formed family. Many of the people around us think and act the way they do because that's the way the culture and society has formed them to be. So naturally the people around us had many conceptions or outlooks on or about the outsider. Many even created scenarios about why we would even think of getting married to one another. To many it seemed ridiculous that either one of us would choose to marry someone from a different culture.

The subject of racism has always made me gag. I grew up around it. Sadly enough. But after moving to Guatemala, I excitedly thought that I had finally escaped this narrow-mindedness. And I had, temporarily. Then came the move to Mexico. Sadly I was welcomed into a country where many people think the complete opposite of the people I knew from the U.S.
In the beginning, no one said anything. Not a word. Not until marriage was in the air.

Why does racism exist? It serves no purpose. It benefits neither party. It's pointless.
If you don't understand something, why mock it or make jokes about it?

Well here we go again. My hubby, God and I, proving you all wrong again. We're making it. With HIM in the middle of our everything.

Our decisions.
Our sadness.
Our joy.
Our prayer.


We are nothing without Him and refuse to try.

So just because statistics say we'll fail. Just because the world fails without Him. Doesn't mean we will.

July 16, 2009

God Shows Up The World

Here we go.
I've been bouncing ideas around in my head about what I should write. Should I write about us before marriage, after marriage, or maybe us from the beginning?
But I think that there's something that stands out to both of us, something that we will always remember and they are the people's reactions when we "announced" that we were getting married. I remember being so excited but not sure about how some people would react.
We were happily shocked when people were unexpectedly happy for us! But we were greatly hurt by the unexpected criticism and the questioning of "why?"

After the engagement, I took a trip North with my parents so they could visit family and friends. On this trip I, personally, was "counseled" by so many people who thought that they had the right to give their opinion. If it's possible to be beaten with words, I was definitely stoned.
Supposedly these opinions and questions were out of love and were thrown at me like rocks, only for my well being. Maybe these people thought they could guide me just like when parents punish or scold their children - they do it out of love. But in my case, it was and still is hard to believe that all of the comments came from love.

Knowing how most family members and even some friends might react, I was prepared to answer their many, hurtful questions. But then people I didn't even know, people who were only acquaintances to me, thought they had the right to guide me through life without even knowing me. Some were almost quizzing me on why I thought I was old enough, wise enough or mature enough to be getting married!

Well after months of being ambushed, after months of praying hard and just trusting God, we got married. It wasn't too long ago that we were pronounced husband and wife, but I know for a fact that every negative, supposedly "guiding" word was wrong. I know I made the right decision. I know that I'm doing what God wants me to be doing and he has already blessed me more than I could have ever hoped for. My husband is the most amazing man, even better than the one I had dreamt about as a little girl.
So, that only goes to show that God is in control, [thankfully!] and not the world.

June 10, 2009

Funny man

Marcos was talking in his sleep this morning, early. He was rubbing my hip saying "Se siente como las bancas en la iglesia."  What? My hip feels like the church pews? After that he stopped talking. Oh, how I wonder what he dreams about when he talks.

He also told me [while awake] how he'd like to test out the floating candles in the toilet!

May 26, 2009

Birthday Boy

Sunday was my husband's birthday.
After midnight I played the maƱanitas for him on the boom-box my mother-in-law let me borrow.
The day before, he also mentioned that he didn't want any more cake [because of so much left over wedding cake]. So I made him a bowl of chocolate pudding and put a candle in it. He cried and I think that was the best part [for me]. That's when he opened the gifts from me. I bought him a bunch of things but the shirt I bought him was my favorite. I love how it looks on him!
That same day it started to rain around 5 am. Let's just say it was great!
We slept in and missed church. So we decided to make a nice breakfast together.
Because my mom and my husband share the same birthday, we went over to my parent's to give her her gift.
That night our families came over for dinner, along with a few friends. After a simple dinner of pizza, my dad started a cream puff fight. It all started because we had small desserts [cream puffs, chocolate eclairs, etc.] instead of cake. Now this wouldn't normally be weird but because we're Mexican and because of where we live, there are traditions. Smashing ones cake into their face for example. So my parents started shoving cream puffs in each other's faces.
All in all it was a good day and thankfully the birthday boy enjoyed it!

Yesterday was our last "premarital" counseling with Gama.
Today we ordered another "original" copy of my husband's birthday certificate. It should arrive on Friday and at the latest Monday. So that means we'll be heading to Matamoros either Monday or Tuesday. I hope and pray that all goes as easily as Irma Laura said it would.
We've also decided to move to San Antonio until school is over at least. But papers for my husband come first!

May 16, 2009

Last night was ok. I got to meet my husband's family from San Luis. His grandma is so cute; she almost fainted when he introduced me to her! She and the aunt think I'm the most beautiful thing.
But then there were the things that made me want to cry, and we won't go there.
Oh and because of more problems, different friends will be presenting us with the laso. At least now, I won't have to worry about the laso being a real rope!
Well no time!

May 15, 2009

I'm trying to stay calm. Nothing is going wrong. I just don't want to be stressed. I'm sitting outside trying to get some color while writing this and while painting my toe nails.

Now I'm heading back to the wedding site to see if my hubby needs anything. I hope no one else sees this stuff before the wedding... TOMORROW!
Especially my grandma. I want her to be understanding too, of why she can't.

I need to move the arch!

May 10, 2009

A week has gone by in our new house. I was sick until Wednesday, and we're not sure why. I had my first medical treatment here in Mexico. I had my blood drawn (for the second time since I'm here) and three shots in the butt. It's amazing how painful they were. Another thing - I've been so so hungry! Every night that I haven't been sick I wake up and eat at one/one thirty in the morning! I don't know why. I just pray I'm not pregnant. I want a baby, but we can't afford that now.
Marcos gets sillier every day! He's always finding new ways to make me laugh.
My maid of honor and the photographer arrive tomorrow. I can't believe how the time has flown. It feels like my best friend was just here. That was over a month ago already! Wow.

May 3, 2009

Moved In

Today is our third day in our new apartment. I had wanted to start writing on the first day but I was just too tired after moving all day. Everything that can be unpacked, is unpacked.
I am so happy with our apartment. The paint needs touching up, but I love the color. I think that if I could have picked a color, this is what it would be. It's almost like an oatmeal color.

Yesterday I started feeling really sick. I still do and don't know why. I think I woke up five times in the middle of the night, just to use the bathroom. One of the times when I got back in bed, Marcos pulled me over so I could lay my head on him. [He normally does this but...] He was ok but then all of a sudden he started to squeeze me really hard! He was sleeping.
After that he woke me twice by talking in his sleep. I don't remember what he said, all I remember is that it was loud enough to wake me and that one of the times he asked me a question. Silly!

Now, all I want to do is rest. I need to try and eat something. I haven't eaten since breakfast [yesterday].

May 1, 2009

Just the Beginning

A new page. A blank one, at that.
Oh the possibilities!
There is a bottomless pit overflowing with ideas.

I am a new bride. Fresh off the market. Clean cut. Unseasoned.
This is where I have decided to keep a journal.
The funny moments. Moments of sadness and angst.
Where I can jot down my thoughts on being The Mrs.

Here we go....