February 26, 2010


Hello readers.
Some of you have heard and some of you haven't.
I haven't written this week due to problems at home. To those that don't already know, I'm sorry, but I just cannot write about why. Just know that your prayers are needed concerning the safety of my husband, his/our family and a few of our friends.

I will be writing on here... I just need to clear my thoughts. All I can think about is how I wish my husband's papers were already here, then I wouldn't have to worry about him so much!

February 19, 2010

Friday! Oh, it's Friday!

"Friday! Oh, it's Friday!"  YES!
I have very little homework to do this weekend, so that means more time with me and my man!
I have decided that I don't surprise him enough so I have something in mind. But I will have to tell you later in case he reads this before it happens. And that way I can tell you about the results as well.
Well this morning I brought a cookbook to school with my to read in between classes and I'm pretty sure I cause double-takes as people walked by. Normally I'm sitting reading my homework or writing out an assignment for the next week. But today I had this food-filled, colorful book of deliciousness. I'd say that's a little different than my books on interpersonal communication or environmental science.
So I'm ready, waiting for my ride. I'm packed and ready to go!
Wish me luck!

February 18, 2010

The Call

This is my favorite part of the day.
I am sitting here at the desk.
Headphones on.
Microphone intact.

The call.

HE is going to call.

Any minute now.

Killer Tea

Have any of you ever attempted drinking tea or coffee before bed?
I have and realized what a HUGE mistake I'd made.
It does weird stuff to my brain. Even if I'm half asleep my brain goes into this discombobulated freak out. I can't, for whatever reason, slow my mind down. I think of everything all at once, the problems I'm having and how I can fix them, what I need to do in the morning, what needs to be cleaned... ! So the night pretty much ends up being a battle of me and my brain. I get no rest and I feel more tired when it's time for me to wake up than when I went to sleep in the first place.

Last night was highly comparable to my past experiences. I was just sitting, doing homework while drinking some tea. I poured the tea around 8 and after a few warm ups finished the cup around 11. Ok maybe it was 11:30. I was happy, the tea was nice and warm, I was cozy doing homework. It all seemed quite nice.
After finishing, the homework and the tea, I got things ready for class [today] and hopped into bed. I couldn't, for the life of me, fall asleep. Everything I tried, failed. News flash! Counting sheep does not work when your brain is hopped up on caffeine! Even if I tried to make my mind go blank, I would think about blank. "Why is it called blank," and so on. But the difference between the past times and last night, is the fact that I was wide awake. I wasn't fighting with myself. I was just incredibly alert. I could have cleaned the entire apartment from top to bottom and finished all my homework, and still not be the least bit tired.

With that said, I was up until around 4 this morning. That's when it hit. The caffeine drop. It's almost as if someone where to have come in and sucked all your energy out with a hose. Now I'm up for the day. I've been emailing people back, eating doughnuts from HEB that I bought yesterday and enjoying the day to get everything done that's been on my list. But you want to know something funny? I want some tea.

February 17, 2010

Stupid Decisions

Lately I’ve been really down in the dumps. I find myself so unhappy with decisions I’ve made and the fact that I can’t do anything about it. As hard as I try to think of a way out, I can’t.
No. I am NOT talking about my marriage. It’s actually the opposite. I’m talking about the move I made back to the states. I’m not sure if I really do just down right hate it here or if it’s just me being lonely for my husband. Everything I do I picture the two of us doing whatever it is together. Whether it be something simple like making dinner for the two of us [instead of just for me], going grocery shopping together, sleeping in the same bed at night, or it could be something that he wouldn’t do with me even if he were here. Things like sitting in class with me, being able to walk the halls with his hand in mine instead of just watching everyone else holding hands.

You know, before I even met my husband (back when I was single) I would get so jealous of people who showed off their interlocking hands in public. I wanted that. I wanted to be able to show people that I had my someone. Now that I have him, it’s a totally different scenario. His hands are in Mexico and mine are here. Both sets of hands have matches, but they can only reunite on weekends.

Anyways, back to what I was saying…

It might very well be that the place I chose to live wasn’t the best choice. Not just the city but the surrounding towns as well. Even the apartment complex isn’t what I had in mind. Everything lately seems wrong.

Even people I’ve met at school or prospective jobs ask why I would move from living in Guatemala or Chicago to here. Simple. My husband. I would love to move some where that has exciting things to do and cool things to see. I just don’t want to be far from my husband. Even though I moved back to the states, I can’t imagine if I would have made an even BIGGER mistake by moving some where farther from him.

Now that I realize that I was getting depressed, I have to think positive. So to those I’ve been a witch to, I’m sorry. I know I’ve been hard to be around. It’s just really hard to bear sometimes and I’m sorry if I had a breakdown near or with you. Especially my mom and sister, I know they’ve been present. I’m sorry!

With all that said, I have one thing to ask. Pray for me. Pray for my husband. Pray for the NVC. Pray that we have a visa in hand very, very soon.

February 16, 2010

Plant Babies

Many people over the years have said that you need to be able to take care of a plant before you even think about having a baby. It's a funny, maybe even twisted, way of prepping us to care for a living thing. There's probably a few steps you could take... Like a How-To Get Ready for a Baby prep list. Start with an already grown plant and then progress to a bulb and then to little seeds. And then once you finish with plants maybe you could adopt a pet.
Well, I bought plants. I bought an already grown plant and 5 bulbs. I bought white daffodils and white hyacinth. The daffodils have grown and bloomed!!! The plant that was already grown looks great! I think it's greener than when I bought it. And well.... the hyacinth bloomed a little and is now dying.

So what does it mean when 4 of the 6 plants are ok? Does that mean I need to keep trying? More plants? Can I graduate on to tiny seeds now?

February 11, 2010

Thank you to my ill professor.

Long weekend, oh how I love thee!
I am so excited that my professors canceled classes! I'm not rejoicing in the fact that one is bed ridden for the week because of surgery but I am glad that he canceled class for the week! The other went to some art conference in Chicago. So thanks to both of you for the long weekend to be with my husband.
To top things off, my husband had no clue that I didn't have class. So this afternoon I stopped by the site to surprise him. He was super happy! Ecstatic!
Sunday is Valentine's Day. I have never been a hater or a lover of the day. Even having a boyfriend/husband doesn't seem to make a difference. It's cool that it's on a Sunday this year though, so I can be with my husband for more than just dinner. We're not doing gifts, as far as I know. Just a good breakfast and maybe ice cream later before I have to head back to the states.
Keep praying for papers.
I know I said that I have news. We did receive a letter from the USCIS stating that his papers have been approved and that the NVC will contact us letting us know what to do next. So here we are, waiting again. Please! This has been 5 months waiting. Ok, 5 months on Sunday. So a great Valentine's Day gift to both of us would be the next letter, ok?
Pray for us, please! I miss my husband sooooo much!

Happy Valentines Day!

February 8, 2010

Dear John, Your movie sucked.

Girls Night last night was interesting.
The movie we planned on seeing didn't happen. Once the third or forth preview started the movie melted. In better words, it burned! Smoke, bubbling film... the works. HA!
So because it was the only reel of film they had of that movie, we went to Dear John.
Now I have always enjoyed Nick Sparks books/movies. (Notebook, Walk to Remember, etc.) But this was a different story. I didn't personally read the book before hand but my sister did. I was about to but because of the unfortunate matter with the first movie attempt, I didn't have the chance. Anyways, I hated it. I would not recommend seeing it. It doesn't follow the book. Now, I know most movies don't follow the book to the tee but I mean come on!! This was ridiculous!
Hopefully The Last Song will be better. Apart from not following the book, it was a terrible story line. If they would have followed the book, maybe. But they didn't and it was bad. I felt so awful for the poor John guy and they portrayed Tim as a creepy ex-husband with a kid. I know they tried to make it cute but it didn't work out to their benefit.
So, sorry to those who liked the film. Go read the book. My sister said it was good, unlike the movie.

February 5, 2010

Feliz Cumple Dad!

Today is February 5th.
It is my dad's 50th birthday today.

Hopefully he won't read this.
My husband, my mom, sister, and I are traveling to where he is facilitating a team as a surprise. We currently have his favorite cake in the oven and a few small gifts to take with.
I hope he's surprised! (Happily surprised, that is)

At Walmart today I noticed that like hot dogs and their buns, candles come in oddly numbered amounts. I would have had to buy three packages of candles in order to have the fifty candles needed this year. Not bad. Except I would more than enough candles left over to celebrate my birthday next year. Blah. Why do companies do this? Six buns and eight dogs. Oh whatever.

Anyways. I must head out to get my husband. I have good news to tell him but I need to tell him before I tell the rest of the world. So wish me luck!