March 31, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Do any of you really get into Spring cleaning?
I do. More like season cleaning for me though. I hate clutter. So when I see those papers stacking up or when I'm sick of the bed being where it is... I go at it! If my husband were home to see this, he would probably freak. I move everything and clean underneath (like we're supposed to). Things end up flying in all directions, including me. And I won't stop until I'm done. So if you attempt calling me and I don't answer, I'm probably attempting to move the bed, alone!

So with that said and it being Spring for about 10 days now, I have started The Clean. I have my little list to go through and have my lingerie drawer checked off, thanks to the inspiring e-mail from The Nest. Yep! I went through, almost with eyes closed, and threw out anything ratty, faded beyond reason, holey... yeah you can just imagine. I sucked it up and threw away those awesome striped socks that I still had from high school and that shot out white lace bra. It had to be done. To reward myself though (!) I went to Forever 21 and bought some new [greatly needed] stuff that I'm pretty sure Mr H will like too!

With that excitement over, I have the kitchen and the closet left. Doesn't sound like much right? If you were to open up the closet, you would want to close it back up again. It's full of boxes from the move that still have stuff in them. I have pictures without frames, curtains still to be hung, and much much more.
Any tips on where to find cute, cheap, medium sized frames?

Well I have an e-date with the hubby any minute now, so I'm shoving off! Peace!

March 30, 2010

Topes in Life

Sitting here reading about 19th century art, I can't stop thinking about the upcoming interview.
Something about it kills me. Not knowing the day, the time, whether I'll have to tell my professors or not... I hate not knowing. I will admit that there are a few handfuls of moments which are special enough to be surprise worthy but this is not one of them.
I wish I could wake up knowing that in x amount of days, hours, and minutes, my husband will have his interview and [hoping for the best] will be here with me. Here. I know you're probably sick and tired of reading how I miss my husband and most of you have  probably stopped reading by now. Sorry world. This just makes my stomach hurt. I can't seem to turn my mind off or even distract it from this one event.

Oh and to the author of the book I'm reading, you're book is boring. No one cares who now owns the statue of Napoleon as Mars. Just saying...

March 29, 2010

Should I?

Should I go home this weekend?
I have class Friday and Monday, sadly enough. I thought we might at least have Friday off. Nope. I don't really mind, I just don't want to sit at the bridge for long on the way back. And I just want all the time I can get with my man!
Hopefully I get some good news by Wednesday and will have to see him!

Other than that, no news.
Just waiting for confirmation so I can print my next steps.
Oh yeah, did I tell y'all that? Now I don't have to wait for more letters! (YES!) As soon as they OK my payment, I can print out my next letter instead of waiting for it in the mail. Praise God, yes?

March 28, 2010


Yep. I finally received the letter. Not how I expected but, here it is.
Being gone all weekend with the husband, I didn't check my e-mail. This goes to say that I didn't know that they had e-mailed me the letter. Good idea. I mean, why couldn't they have thought of that a month and a half ago? Anyways, I opened it, read it over twice and it's already paid. Yes, it was part letter and part bill. Nice. In the letter though, I read that in three days in will print out any other forms they need, which could include interview instructions.
!   !   !   !
HELLO! Yes please!

Thank you ALL for your prayers, the hubby will be here soon. So please keep going, just a little while longer!

March 25, 2010

Where Did the Day Go?

Would someone like to explain to me how it's already after 5? Goodness gracious! I didn't even do that much today.
Class this morning, where I presented a PowerPoint on polygamy. I know I'm supposed to keep an open mind, but ew. Glad that's over with. I finished all my homework for half of my classes. All of the homework for this week though.
I cleaned the the apartment. Floors, dishes, bathroom, the whole shabang!
So I suppose I did a lot but I had no idea that it was after 5.
The goals for the rest of the day....
Hm. Other than packing, I'm not quite sure.
Yes, packing. I am going to see my hubby for the weekend. A whole day and a half. Not having to fall asleep hugging my pillow, waking up to his face, being able to talk face to face... It's totally worth it!

So you know how I had e-mailed the NVC and hadn't heard back. And remember how I called last night? Well, they e-mailed me this morning. Ha. They are sending me another copy of my letter/bill and that one will supposedly arrive with 5-10 business days. Well, we'll see. I'll probably get them both on the same day.

No make-over news. Just a heat rash. Yes. It's hot.
I hate having fragile skin.

Do any of you have house plants? How do you keep those awful little gnats from breeding in them???? I can't get rid of these things!!! Any ideas would be swell!

March 24, 2010

20 Minutes Later

Well, I did it. I finally called.
All went fine. I waited for an actual person to come to the line for twenty long minutes. They have my correct address and so if that blasted letter still hasn't shown up by Monday, I get to call again. I sure hope that the next letter, the super duper important one, comes fast.

....The soup is good, by the way!

Losing My Patience

Ok I changed my mind. I'm making Tortilla Soup. I know I said I would make Potato Soup but I noticed that I didn't have bacon. Some other day perhaps.
My house smells sooooo good right now. It is making me so hungry, which makes sitting here even harder. Twenty-five minutes until I'll be off filling up my bowl! Let the countdown begin!

So no news on the make-over. I wore some casual lounge clothes to school and happened to pull it off without looking like a total bum, so that's a plus.

I talked with the hubby tonight at our usual 6:30 e-date. There wasn't much to say on my end but he always finds things to talk about. I just miss being able to talk, any time while being able to look at each other. And by that, I mean in person, not via web cam! I don't know how army wives do it. My cousin's wife, who is probably in labor as we speak, is all alone. I can't imagine being alone like that, especially if I were pregnant. No thanks.

As you can probably guess, the letter didn't come today. I even had the husband check the post office who delivered his letter to see if mine had gone to my parent's old house for some odd reason. Nope. Nothing. Nada.
I am going to call. Tonight. Right after I write this. I just can't wait until Tuesday to find out that they sent it but it was lost in the mail or that they sent it to the wrong address. Goodness. Help me Jesus.

Well, I guess I'll be off then. I should probably call before I eat. The food will help me calm down if something goes wrong.
Pray for me, fellas!

March 23, 2010

Slowpoke Week

Tuesday. Hm. Week is going kinda slow, isn't it. It should be at least Wednesday by now...

No news on the papers. Now that I think about it, I haven't gotten any mail for a while. What's going on? No Spring magazines, no bills (but that's fine!), no nothing...

I have homework... not really looking forward to it.

Make-over news. My hair looks good today. Not sure why though. I kinda curled the ends in so it's alright. It doesn't really matter though because of the hurricane-like winds outside. My face looks really pale. I think I need to sit out in the sun more. Yeah, as soon as these winds die down. Maybe I can this weekend.
I'm working on whitening my teeth and curing scars. Yep! I found this scar-be-gone stuff and it's working.
I was thinking about buying some sunless tanner for my legs. I can't just go out with glow-in-the-dark legs! I might blind someone and then I'd feel bad. So does any one have suggestions on what to and what not to buy?? I heard Sally Hansen was good. Thoughts please!

I am planning on making some killer potato soup so stay tuned! I made this last week and my hubby & brother-in-law loved it. My father-in-law wouldn't touch it cause he hates the thought of eating potatoes for some reason... Hm. That's weird. Tacos made of sesos, tripas, ojos - yes. But potatoes - no.
I don't get it.
Anyways, I'm making some for me, myself, and I so keep checking back!

March 22, 2010

A boring day in the life of...

After pouring myself a glass of juice, I found myself steering toward the bedroom, juice container in hand. Flabbergasted, I quickly scolded myself and returned the juice to his cool habitat.
Yep. I am super sleepy. I don't know why... I slept ok. I got up and was fine all morning. Hm.

Well day one, more like attempt one, of the make-over.
I thought all was going well. Tried to take a picture of it. For some reason, my camera make my freckles look reddish and almost like zits. Oh ew.
I tried parting my hair on the other side... blah. Makes my forehead look massive. Make up is ok. We're still working on this though.
Contemplating a haircut. Ideas?

Still no letter. What is weird though, is that I hardly get any mail, if at all. My mail comes here and my parent's is supposed to be forwarded here while they're out of town but I haven't received anything! This is bad. I tomorrow if I don't get anything for my parents, I'll have to go to the post office.
Sorry for being boring guys. Not too much is happening.

March 21, 2010

Shock Therapy

Have you ever peered into a nearby mirror, or looked up at yourself while washing your hands? Have you ever wondered who on earth the creature was looking back at you? And as you scurry as far from the mirror as possible, you think 'do I really look that bad?'
Well the time has come my friends that the blog and I must revive ourselves. Not only for the sake of those who see us but... oh goodness I sound ridiculous! Come on, I just don't want to jump back every time I see my reflection!
So with that said.
It's make-over time!

Ideas will be welcomed with arms wide open, so feel free to suggest products, styles, haircuts, pictures.... whatever it takes! Bring it on!

March 19, 2010

Thanks, You Prayer Warriors

Wow you guys! You must really be praying hard for me! And I thank you!
As soon as I posted earlier, I got an email from the hubby saying he got his letter!
This is great news and we did what it said right away. [Which was responding to the letter with more blessed paperwork.] Now we just wait more for the next letter, hopefully the last. Interestingly enough though, I didn't get my copy of the letter... .
Oh wow. I never thought I'd be waiting on the mail. This is for sure interesting.

I just hope that he can be here for our 1st anniversary! It's coming up in just less than a month! I know it's high hopes, but I need to keep them high!
Keep praying with me guys! God can make this happen!

Back to the Apt

Here I am. Back to the apartment. Not home mind you, like most folks say. I just left home and now have to sit here for home to come to me.
The letter from the NVC has yet to arrive. This is what I find very odd. A letter traveling from New Hampshire to Texas shouldn't take more than a month. Maybe a week, if that.
God willing, it will arrive today. No tomorrow. Not Monday. TODAY!

Well now I'm off to buy some groceries while praying my heart out.

March 9, 2010

Upcoming Spring Break News

Spring Break is upon us.
Ok, well for all you up north never mind 'cause you had yours early. Us down south waited for the warm weather and will have a great hot, sun filled week!
Oh yes! I can't wait!
I don't have big travel plans or anything, but seeing my husband and not having homework/class will be AWESOME!

Do any of you commute for work or school? I do. I drive 30 minutes one way to school. I had a lovely surprise with which I was glad at first and then suddenly pissed off. I got an email last night telling me that the teacher was going to be leaving town and that there would be a sub. Fine. Get there, waiting... waiting.... he never showed. We weren't sure what to do. Technically you're aloud to leave if the teacher doesn't show 15-20 minutes after class is supposed to start. So we did. The dude never came. Yay, no class! But then I realized that I drove an hour for nothing.... wasted my gas....
Sorry. Not at all important but I just had to vent for a sec.


OH! I have news about our papers! [Well, my husband's papers].
I got so impatient that I called the NVC and found out that you can enter your case number and find out what's going on. Apparently they sent our stuff (the next letter and instructions on where to go for the interview and visa) three weeks ago. Now, I was so excited the first time, that I called again after I calmed down so I could write everything down. But then I got to thinking... They said they sent me a copy of the letter and then another one. Why would it take three weeks for mail to get from New Hampshire to Texas? Well.... that's where my great news gets put on hold. I still haven't gotten the letter. Hopefully tomorrow it'll be sitting in my mailbox. Oh, that would be a great way to end a day of mid-terms and start welcoming in Spring Break!

So, keep praying people! God is good and my wait [for my hubby] is almost over!!!
Thank you so so so so much for your prayers!

March 4, 2010


Well readers, here I am.
My house guests are gone and my husband still isn't here. So I'm back to being lonely. Weird, right?

My parents moved out of their house this week which was a big stress on my dad's mind. Well, they're out.
According to my husband, Max spent his first night outside. He's camping out at my mother-in-laws along with my husband. This is something big. Max is the biggest baby and hates to be alone. So for him to sleep alone, outside. Wow. Good job Max!

My week hasn't been too eventful so far. Class, class, and more classes.
Everyday I pray more. I have never prayed so hard about something. I have never not cried. So each day, when I get home... I pray even harder all the way to the mailbox. But each day so far,... nothing. Empty. Junk mail. Or bills. Boo.
I got my notice of approval... come on! This is horrible! IT MAKES MY HEART HURT! I don't want to be without him anymore!