July 25, 2010

We're Growing!

Over and over I end up having to ask for forgiveness for not keeping my promise to update. And for that, too, I am sorry.
The baby is growing as am I though most people would never notice. I swear that this belly wasn't there before and someone other than myself must realize this.
Most of my pants don't fit any more. Same goes for the shirts. They either scoot their way up my belly so that it peeks out or the top half of the shirt has become unbearably tight.
At the very beginning of this pregnancy I thought that I would be just coming up on 16 weeks. I guess I'm wrong.
At each monthly checkup I have had an ultrasound just to make sure the baby is growing like it should. So with each appointment Marcos and I(yes, my hubby's name is Marcos) receive a print out which includes three pictures of our growing baby, measurements of his or her heartbeat and a note stating how big Baby is. With each note about growing Baby comes an estimated delivery date based on how big baby is. Well at my first ultrasound I was due January 12th and each time since then the date has moved closer and closer. We are now due January 3rd! Yay for a growing healthy baby!! And YAY to being way into my second trimester!! No more sleepiness or peeing every hour! :)
Oh, and I, Mommy, have gained 3 pounds! I tell you this with pride as it has always been nearly impossible for me to gain weight.
I will write more when I have another chance to.

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