May 26, 2009

Birthday Boy

Sunday was my husband's birthday.
After midnight I played the mañanitas for him on the boom-box my mother-in-law let me borrow.
The day before, he also mentioned that he didn't want any more cake [because of so much left over wedding cake]. So I made him a bowl of chocolate pudding and put a candle in it. He cried and I think that was the best part [for me]. That's when he opened the gifts from me. I bought him a bunch of things but the shirt I bought him was my favorite. I love how it looks on him!
That same day it started to rain around 5 am. Let's just say it was great!
We slept in and missed church. So we decided to make a nice breakfast together.
Because my mom and my husband share the same birthday, we went over to my parent's to give her her gift.
That night our families came over for dinner, along with a few friends. After a simple dinner of pizza, my dad started a cream puff fight. It all started because we had small desserts [cream puffs, chocolate eclairs, etc.] instead of cake. Now this wouldn't normally be weird but because we're Mexican and because of where we live, there are traditions. Smashing ones cake into their face for example. So my parents started shoving cream puffs in each other's faces.
All in all it was a good day and thankfully the birthday boy enjoyed it!

Yesterday was our last "premarital" counseling with Gama.
Today we ordered another "original" copy of my husband's birthday certificate. It should arrive on Friday and at the latest Monday. So that means we'll be heading to Matamoros either Monday or Tuesday. I hope and pray that all goes as easily as Irma Laura said it would.
We've also decided to move to San Antonio until school is over at least. But papers for my husband come first!

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