February 13, 2011

Say 'No' to Valentine's Day

Say what? Yeah, it got your attention didn't it? [I win!]

America, well the United States, has made a huge deal out of Valentine's Day for quite some time now. In my opinion it's just a way for stores to make a boat load of cash. I am not one of those women who detests the holiday for no apparent reason at all and I'm not out to complain about love. [That is something I do have.]
What makes my blood boil has always been around during this holiday, ever since I was born and I'm pretty sure long before that as well. I'm talking about people's "need" for the material.

Marcos and I got a TV for Christmas and thanks to free cable at our apartment I've been seeing all the Valentine's Day commercials that I wouldn't usually see. (I never used to watch TV). So yeah. These commercials y'all have here in the US of A. Mmmm. I don't like them. They have either become more stuck up, rude and desperate or I just didn't ever notice before leaving the country. The so-called things that us women supposedly need to show us we're loved; oh goodness. Chocolates. Flowers. Fine. I understand that some you want to feel appreciated. But diamonds, jewelry, and other luxury items? Come on! Since when did we need those things? Is it not enough any more to get a kiss or a hug? How about a hand-written letter from your special someone? [Not a text or an email].
The one commercial I hate the most is sponsored by Hershey's Kisses, of all people and it's aired on USA Network. They talk about the handmade gifts our children [or maybe even grandchildren] give to us on holidays like these. They go on to show a few kids showing their parents the gifts they made, being all proud telling you through the little gift how much they love us the parent. Cute right? Right. Except for the fact that each of the parents in the commercial makes a disgusted face asking what the hell their kid made. Every time I see this commercial I get really mad and have to change the channel.
Of all the gifts [or sometimes the lack there of] these should be the ones we treasure most. The small, love smothered crafts that can only mean 'I love you.'

Love your loved ones back this year. Show them you're thankful for them.

Maybe you can even doing it by spending zero dollars.

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