February 17, 2011


Last night my sister came over to hang out for a bit and by doing so she got to witness how my son loves bath time. His little whale tub doesn't quite fit under the kitchen faucet, so I fill it in the big tub and then move it to the floor so I can better clean those little toes. Joaquin just loves the water. This is such a huge relief; his first bath wasn't exactly a success. But ever since that first try he has loved it. [I think I'll try showering with him now that he loves it so much. It might be easier than cleaning that whale each time.]

At my baby shower I got all the bath toys I registered for. Foam letters, the tub [that came with a mini whale cup with holes in it], and a whole bunch of squirt toys that look like sea creatures. I figured that I would only be using the tub for while, seeing as how little my boy is. 
Last bath, I took one of the squirty toys to see if he'd react. Nope, he could've cared less. I tried again last night though and he loved it. He let out a small giggle and the biggest smile ever when I squirted him with the little sea horse. So precious!!

After bath time I snuggled him up in a blanket [and his jammies], fed him and he fell asleep. I thought he'd be out for half hour, max. He doesn't usually sleep for longer until midnight and at this point it was only about nine-thirty. So with him sleeping I got to eat again, pump for later that night, and get ready for bed. Finally around ten o'clock I moved him from his favorite little chair [that I call his La-Z-Boy] to his crib. After climbing into bed myself I couldn't help but check on him, thinking he was going to wake up any minute. I also didn't want to fall asleep and have to get up right away. [For some reason that's worse than going to bed late]. But to my surprise, I too was in bed, asleep, before eleven o'clock. Amazing. 

I had had my fingers crossed that maybe last night would be the night that my little man would sleep through the night. Some might say it's too early to even dream of such things, but my mom said that both my sister and I started sleeping all night when we were six weeks old. And well, folks, it's that time already. Joaquin is six weeks old today. Sadly though, he didn't sleep through the night. But I won't complain. He gets up, eats, and goes right back to bed after a good burp. 

Yeah, he's pretty much the most amazing baby ever. 

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