July 20, 2009

In Your Face!

Here I am again. Sitting in bed thinking of something to tell you.

There are many cultural differences outside our newly formed family. Many of the people around us think and act the way they do because that's the way the culture and society has formed them to be. So naturally the people around us had many conceptions or outlooks on or about the outsider. Many even created scenarios about why we would even think of getting married to one another. To many it seemed ridiculous that either one of us would choose to marry someone from a different culture.

The subject of racism has always made me gag. I grew up around it. Sadly enough. But after moving to Guatemala, I excitedly thought that I had finally escaped this narrow-mindedness. And I had, temporarily. Then came the move to Mexico. Sadly I was welcomed into a country where many people think the complete opposite of the people I knew from the U.S.
In the beginning, no one said anything. Not a word. Not until marriage was in the air.

Why does racism exist? It serves no purpose. It benefits neither party. It's pointless.
If you don't understand something, why mock it or make jokes about it?

Well here we go again. My hubby, God and I, proving you all wrong again. We're making it. With HIM in the middle of our everything.

Our decisions.
Our sadness.
Our joy.
Our prayer.


We are nothing without Him and refuse to try.

So just because statistics say we'll fail. Just because the world fails without Him. Doesn't mean we will.

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