August 2, 2009

How We Met...

Last spring I ended a terrible relationship and swore off any type of relationship until I had finished at least one year of school. Like anyone else that comes out of a nasty situation, I craved the need for extreme change. I started making plans and even acting on some. But I mistakenly spent less time in prayer about these decisions and in turn God has His way with things.
Within the next two months I had a great visit with a friend from Minnesota. We had long talks, and one especially, that stands out in my mind. We were sitting in my room at my parent's house talking about the plans I wanted to make. I told her all about how and why I wanted the next relationship to be all in God's hands. I also expressed how I wouldn't even think of getting married until after I was 21.

That same week my friend was here, we "hosted" a kid's camp. A group from Minnesota came down and worked with about 8 different churches in order to put on this week long camp. One of the many churches that helped, was a church located near my house that I had never seen. Nor had I met any of the members before.

That week my job was Snacks! I and a few other "girls", but they were all people I knew. I never really had the chance to get to know the people from the new church. But I did get to watch some of them. One in particular was a guy from there. He was a leader of the smallest children. Every time I saw him, he was dancing around with the kids, and he always had their attention. I love kids and I've always had a heart for teaching Sunday school so this caught my attention. Little by little I heard about things this guy and his brothers were doing at the camp. They had servant's hearts and would do anything to help. They were a blessing. All three of them, along with the people from their church.

I remember telling my mom at the end of the week that I wished God would give me a husband like one of the brothers. That I wanted someone with a heart like theirs, that wanted to serve God. My mom responded in a way I never expected saying, "Yeah, how about the older brother! He's cute!" I remember laughing and telling her that I preferred the younger of the two that worked with us. [This was all joking, mind you.]
Soon after I found out that my dad told my mom that he hoped that God would bless his daughters with men like the brothers. (What?) Was I really hearing all this? I had never heard my parents talk this way and it shocked me.

The week after the camp, my parents and I traveled to southern Mexico for a missionary conference. Not long after arriving at the resort, I received a text message from what appeared to be a friend's cell phone. Wrong! It was one of the brothers. Nothing weird, just saying hi. To me though, it was again - shocking.
As the week went on, the texting continued. Even while sleeping, I kept the phone at my side.
It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
And from there, other feelings began.

Even though little time passed, I knew something was different. This guy prayed for me. We only spent time with family. We shared the same spiritual beliefs. This was all very new.

After a short while, he asked my parents if we could start dating. So as of August 2nd, 2008, we were "novios." After a month had passed, he left to work in another state. We were 11 hours apart. For the 3 months that followed, we communicated by phone, email and thankfully Skype with video! It was terribly difficult, but we kept God in the middle of everything. I don't believe 12 hours passed where I hadn't prayed for him at least once or twice. He meant so much to me.

A few days before Christmas, he came home for two weeks. He was different. But I wasn't sure how. Something just didn't seem right.
The day before Christmas we went for a walk in the park and he told me he needed to talk to me. He sat at one of the tables and starting to sing and then said,

"Sarah, I don't want you to be my girlfriend anymore."

(What?) A million thoughts started to fly through my mind. (Why had I waited for a guy who would do this.) (I knew I should have waited.) (I told you God!) (WHY?)

"....Sarah.... I want you to be my wife."

(What?) (Are you serious?)

From the beginning, I had been praying about the seriousness of our relationship. So, I just stepped back and let God handle it.


We soon picked a date and started planning.
On April 14th, we were legally married!
And well the rest is still in the works.

Many of you had asked how we met and I either never responded or I gave you a short answer.
As you can see, God had a plan. A pretty good one... And all I had to do was ask Him what steps to take.
We can't expect to live a life without problems, without struggles. But God knows how to help us, and He will solve all our problems.

I can only thank Him now. He took my "plans" and changed them ALL! He gave me everything I ever dreamed of in the form of one person. He gave me a husband that thankfully puts God first and me second. I can't ask for more than that.

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