August 11, 2009

Date Night

When my husband and I had our premarital counseling, we were taught the importance of date night. No matter what we had been going through, we had to set time aside for date night.
It's easy at the beginning, or at least it was for us. It still is, only now we're starting to get a lot more busy.
So we pick at least one night a week that we're going to do something fun, just the two of us.
One night we had been painting all day so we ordered a pizza and had a picnic in the living and we rented a movie. Another night we just went for a walk around the neighborhood.

Spending time together just talking, trying to focus on nothing else, can be amazing.
I am so happy that neither of us has forgotten date night.

So tonight is the night! DATE NIGHT!
We're driving out to where there are no lights, bringing along some blankets and watching the meteor shower!
Tonight shall be grand!

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