August 8, 2009

Define Family

Lately, my husband and I have been going through some extremely difficult family situations. Right now, especially. And so a few nights ago we were talking about family. About what really defines family and how we, as a couple know who to consider family.

Curiously, I looked up the "real" meaning of the word. defines family in many ways. Some of the definitions were obvious and exactly how someone pictures the word "family." It's like in children's storybooks about the mommy and daddy with their kids. They also include any blood relative such as any of the parent's siblings or Nana and Papa. But that's not what I meant. I didn't mean "relatives," I meant "family."
The more unusual definitions were those describing the Mafia "family" or the classification of plants and animals. But still, not quite what I was looking for. So, after reading on, I finally came across part of a definition and decided to add to it.

In my opinion, family should be a group of people who love, care for and support each other. It's a group of people who aren't necessarily blood relatives but are people who share the same attitudes, interests, and/or goals.

So, who is part of your family?

In the midst of all that my husband and I have gone through, separately and together as a couple, there have always been those few faces that always made us feel better. They are the people who are with you through the good and the bad. They are the ones you can rely on. And they know the real you.

So, we want to thank you. All of our family who has been there for us. Who has cheered us up when we were feeling blue and to all of you who have kept faith with us. Christ will surely bless all of your lives for all that you have done for us. We could never thank you enough!

To any one else reading this, please pray. Pray for our family and our relatives.

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  1. That's so crazy how both of our blogs were about family yesterday! Haha! But I will definitely keep you in my prayers for whatever the family situation(s) may be.