October 25, 2009

Horse Pills

Ugh! Being sick is never fun!
I've been sick for six days now and on meds for five of them.
I'm not horribly ill, don't worry it's not swine flu!
It's just been this awful sore throat. No cough, runny nose... nothing.
Just me and my achy throat.
What's almost worse are the meds.
I remember as a little girl having to take awful tasting medicine and looking forward to the day when I could take something that didn't taste so gross.
Let me tell you, the medicine I'm taking now is one of the most disgusting things ever.
As most of you don't know, I live in Mexico. (My husband is from here).
And unlike the states, the don't coat their pills. So as you can imagine, the pill starts to dissolve as soon as it enters your mouth. Even before you have time to pick up the giant glass of water that you're going to need! Oh and by looking at the size of them, you'd think they were meant for horses.
Woof! It's awful.
The first few days of taking the pills, my husband kept making sure that I had taken them, knowing that I hated to take them.

So yeah. I live in Mexico, and will until this winter. We have been waiting for my husband's papers; they still haven't come but prayerfully they will.
I am going back to finish college. (I took a year off). And so in December, I'll be moving back and I hope he's with me. I can't imagine living alone! Especially in two different countries.
But like I said, we're hoping he'll have his papers.

So, if you have the time, shoot up a little prayer for us!

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