October 26, 2009

Protein Drink

A funny blurb from this weekend.

My husband and I were at my mom's house while she was cleaning out the cabinets. She found a brand new tub of protein powder. Asking my dad like always if was ever going to use it, he immediately claimed that he wanted to start taking it. As my mom and I rolled our eyes, my dad looked at my husband. "You want to start taking it together," he asked. My husband answered in an unexpected way asking "Does it make you fart?" As so not funny as that may sound to you, you must know that my husband didn't speak a word of English a year and a half ago. He's not taking classes either, he just listens to me when I speak. But seeing as how we speak to each other in Spanish, he doesn't get too much practice.
So when my non-English speaking husband asks in perfect English if the protein powder will make him fart, it's pretty funny!

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