November 19, 2010

Name Stealer

I have been at it all day long. I have been searching for other boy baby names.
At the beginning of my pregnancy I bought a baby name book. My husband and I took turns going through each and every section of the book, highlighting the names we liked. We originally had two boy names picked out because we couldn't agree on any others. One of the terrible part of all this, the book has 100,001 names.
So like I said, we had two. Yep. Had. Now we only have one.
My brother-in-law and his wife had their first baby this past Tuesday. Of all the names in the world, what do you think the chances are that they picked one of the two names we had? They did. I don't know the "technical" facts of how likely that was. I just know that it happened.
It's all good though. I just am blown away that they would pick one of our names.
Now I'm just glad that my cousin isn't due before me. So she can't steal any of the remaining names! :o)

Congratulations to Miguel and his wife on the birth of their little one!
You're in our thoughts and prayers!

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