November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving week is upon us!
The loads of food. The football. Family. The overeating.
Some get to decorating the house for Christmas as soon as the Turkey Day is over. Some hit the stores uber early when they should be hitting the gym instead.
Well, our thanksgiving doesn't look like that. Or, it won't. At least not this year.
We are having an off year this year. We're not sticking to any traditions. Except maybe pie.
My parents are having dinner; just keeping it small. Whether it's turkey, we still haven't decided. My husband mentioned enchiladas today and I think that caught my mom's attention. So we shall see what happens.
Friday we are planning on taking the weekend and going to San Antonio. From what I know, they light up the Riverwalk. So we'll be heading there. AND!!! IKEA!!! Marcos will have his first IKEA experience. Hehehe! I'm excited.
IKEA is pretty much my favorite store. Ever.

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