March 6, 2011


Just a few weeks ago my husband was talking to my brother-in-law about our kids. My brother-in-law and his wife had a baby two months before us. It's kind of cute hearing them on the phone to each other; they try giving each other advice on being dads. 
In one of their talks we were told that his son is lactose intolerant. I thought this was weird because his baby wasn't even three months yet. They [doctors and other genius minds] say that you can start to take notice of what, if anything, your baby is allergic to. 
So if you're breast feeding and your baby starts showing signs of a tummy ache or excessive fussiness, you might want to lay off the dairy for a while to see if it gets better. Did y'all know that unless you ingest dairy your breast milk is lactose free? 
I was very happy to learn all this because I am lactose intolerant. Hopefully my little boy doesn't inherit it. I want him to enjoy my lasagna, to be able to eat pizza and to be able to enjoy an ice cream cone! It did make me sad though to learn that he could have an allergic reaction to the foods I'm eating, for his sake and mine. If you remember, I was able to eat dairy during my pregnancy [and I still can!]. Prayerfully we'll both be able to continue eating from this tasty little section of the food pyramid! 

Most people would think that they could just drink soy milk instead of cows milk. An easy fix. But because of the estrogen properties in soy milk, it's not exactly good or safe for little boys to be drinking [directly or indirectly]. 
Last week a friend told me that she and her son are both lactose intolerant. This friend started telling me what they drink and I had no idea. Coconut milk and almond milk. I had no idea that people drank it straight like that. I've used it in cooking, but never just to drink. Ever since then I've seen both products in the chilled section at the grocery store and countless commercials for both. I think it's pretty crazy how I had never heard of it and then, boom. Everywhere. Now I know what to do just in case I have to make the switch from cow to plant based milk. 

Today on one of the blogs I love, the author posted a recipe for yet another type of plant based milk that I had never heard of. Cashew Oat Milk. 
When I lived in Mexico I learned how to make Agua de Avena [Oatmeal Water]. It's pretty amazing. So I can only imagine that adding nuts would make another tasty beverage.

If any of you ladies are wondering about this allergy and how you get those nutrients you and your little one need, go try the almond or coconut milk. It's right in with the soy and cow's milk in the refrigerated section. If you have the time, go to this lovely lady's blog and try out her recipe
Even if you don't have the allergy... or a baby, go try some of this stuff. 

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