March 9, 2011

New Energy

The first month of being a new mom is by far the hardest. 
Getting used to baby. Getting up at all hours and thus the lack of sleep.
Realizing that unlike most mothers you, or should I say I, don't have breasts of steel.
And many many other things.
But once that first month is behind you, life for some reason starts to smooth out.
You start to smell more like you again instead of spit up breast milk.
Cooking and cleaning are no longer the hubby's responsibilities.

We are now into our third month. 
Little Joaquin turned two months this past Sunday.
I certainly don't feel as if the time as flown by. 
Me giving birth seems forever ago.
But I know this feeling won't last long and I'll soon be wondering where all the time went.
One thing I do know is that I have more energy. I am awake earlier. Showered. 
I started to take risks in the kitchen with new breakfast recipes. [One of my goals!] So far my husband is loving it [I think]. I know he has missed me at least attempting to be an awesome wife. 
Things are finally getting easier. I feel more on top of things. 

With this new feel I have toward life [or should I say, I have it back] I have this desire for change. Not big change. Walking through my life in my head, I have this desire to be so much more than I have ever been in the past. Setting the goal of being a better wife is a total must for me right now. Other than the few meals I have prepared lately, I haven't been the sweetest wife. I know I cut him off when he's talking and flip out on him when he does things around the house and with baby that are totally different than how I would do them. Putting my face on in the morning and getting out my sweat pants is suddenly important again. [Which makes us both feel good].
One of my most dear friends recently got married and asked me just weeks ago if the problems she was having already in her marriage were normal. The newness of marriage is hard and yes, it does get easier. Getting used to living someone takes times and effort. I have noticed that it happens all over again once a baby is born into the family. It creates a whole new set of trials that you need to go at together even though you want to [and feel like you must] do everything yourself. As you can see I still have my little problems which are mostly because of the crazy hormones but still. [Hey! I can SO blame my hormones for my actions right now! *wink*] With that said, I am going to try to do all I can in order to make my husband super-de-duper proud!
For starters I stumbled upon some new blogs and websites that have inspired me so much that it has him wondering where I suddenly have all of this energy from. And well, let's just say that I am going to set out a jar to throw our loose change in so I can fund all of these crazy ideas floating around in my head. 
We are really, really going to need to move.
I am going to need room for these little projects of mine. I will soon run out of room in this cute but small apartment of ours.

Here's to a new energy and outlook on life!
I hope you all stick around to see [and read] how I do on this journey.
Thanks for your ideas and encouragement.


  1. You can move here!!!! We have a ton of room. ;-)

  2. this pic of your plant is beautiful