April 13, 2010

My First Time In a Mexican Hospital

What an interesting past couple of days. I spent longer in Mexico than I had originally planned. Usually I leave Sunday afternoon to beat the possible line at the border Monday morning. Well I got home today. This morning.
Sunday night I decided that I would stay until the next morning. So we were happy, spending more time together (the hubby and I). Monday morning came and I hadn't gotten much sleep because of being sick that morning. By morning I mean, 1 am maybe even 12. All I know is that I was sick enough to have my husband take me to the doctor first thing. Well at 7:30 I was in the hospital with food poisoning. By 8 I had an IV. And I stayed there the rest of the day. After noon the nurses changed shifts. In the morning I had small, unpleasant nurse who didn't really seem to care. when injecting the IV with some of my meds she seemed nice enough to advise me to tell her if it hurt. Well it did. It burned! So I told her and she didn't do anything about it. Even my husband said something when she had left. Thankfully the new nurse was nice. She asked about where I was from and about my husband while he was out buying some lunch. Nice.
Maybe it's because I haven't had an IV in long time and maybe because I have tiny arms with tiny veins, but man! My arm is still a little sore. I mean not a lot, just randomly.
Even though I was sick and wasn't too happy to be at a hospital all day, let me tell you. I feel so great. Usually after being sick like that, I would want to sleep and not eat and blah. But yesterday I felt great and I still do.
So even though I was hospitalized, I ended up having a great weekend with my husband.

And now I'll be heading out in about an hour or so in search for the bus station. Not only have I never driven there alone, I've been there once which was in the dark but it's in a city I don't know. I mean I know where the city is, but I don't know my way around. My mom and my sister are coming here for a few days and I guess my dad will meet us here tomorrow; thus the reason for needing to find the bus station.
Mapquest, don't fail me now...

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