April 20, 2010

The NVC Should Provide Remotes

I am not to sure what I want to write about today. There isn't a whole lot going on. Just the same old thing. Waiting.
There are some days that I think about what patience I must have to be waiting for so long. But then I realize that because it's not in my power to make things go faster and by not living in the movie Click, that I might not even posses the great patience I once thought. Maybe if I had the opportunity to make things go by at the speed of light, I would. At least for this point in my life, I wish I had a remote so I could fast forward to the day in which he would be with me.
Maybe someone could invent it and provide them to the people waiting for their significant other or even the parents waiting for children to cross. I know I sound nuts. I am. That is what this has turned me into. A crazy lady.

Oh great.

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