September 19, 2010


After not writing for a month, being in Mexico for two of those weeks, I am finally back. I no longer have to travel to find an internet connection which should make it easier to update all you lovely faces out there.
As my belly has been growing this past month I've been pretty busy. While I was back in Illinois for the baby shower I was praying a lot about how this little person would end up changing my life, forever.
After long hours of crying and begging God for answers I got an email. The email I've been waiting a year for. Your husband's visa is completed. His interview is on September....blah blah blah. Me and my pregnant self were just bouncing off the walls. The rest isn't even important.
Since then, my husband has had his interview and now we are just waiting for approval from the consulate to cross. We were told this could take a few weeks but could check every Monday for the green light.
Thankfully tomorrow is Monday again and we will be able to check for the "go ahead."
The baby and I are both ready for daddy to be here to experience the rest of the pregnancy and to finally be home.
Thank you all for praying this past year and especially these past two weeks.
Our trip (yes, I went with) went perfectly smooth and even enjoyed being in Juarez. It was a great time for my husband and I to have some alone time. The people there were extremely nice and it was almost even pretty compared to where we're from in Mexico. The only bad thing I can think of is that the food was expensive.
Now I'm back in the states. Waiting again. Hopefully this time it will only be for a few days!

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