September 25, 2010

Name Change

Well it's almost time for me to legally change my name, finally! Most of you probably don't know this but I haven't changed my name since getting married. So as soon as Mr. H gets here, we'll be heading all over town. It will be kind of a pain in the butt to have to go through the long list of places in order to take on my married name but in a way it will be good; the hubby will get to see the whole town.

So speaking of names changing, do you think the name of this blog sucks? A few have made comments that we should change the name of the blog.  I kind of want to now that I'm not only a semi-new bride, but also a soon to be mom. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be a mom soon. Wow. So let me know what you think. If I do end up changing it, I will probably keep the same URL. So no worries, you won't have to change your subscription or anything. It will just be a change on the heading of the blog.

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