September 26, 2010

Venting, Forgive Me

Have you ever you been in a situation where you go through a lot? Either physically, emotionally, or in some other way. You suffer and most of the time no one even sees it. You suck it up.
Then once people around you become aware of a problem in your life, they try to give you advice. They tell you how bad they've had it and how they know how you feel. Some even dare to tell you that others or even they themselves have it worse than you. So don't fret. Get over it.
Yes, I believe that there are worse things going on in the world, to people, and that what I've gone through doesn't even come close. But don't tell me you know how it is. Please don't try to empathize with me because the more you try, you just end up digging yourself a hole.

I'm sorry. A few comments made in the past few days have just sent me over the edge and I needed to post this so I don't end up going off on someone who doesn't deserve it. So please forgive me for this! I just needed to vent.

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