September 10, 2010


The day has finally come. My husband is in his interview as we speak. He actually had it this morning at 10:15. Now it's about 12:30 and he still hasn't come back to the hotel. Oh how I hope that all is going well. It's nearly impossible for me to know how long it's going to take; they don't tell you anything beforehand. Thankfully we packed light and I didn't have to haul too much down to the lobby alone.
For now, I'm just sitting here in the lobby waiting for him to walk through the doors with great news.
Thankfully out trip here went smoothly and God blessed us with amazing friends of friends who allowed us to stay with them until the hotel let us check in. Not only that but they picked us up at 3 o'clock in the morning from the bus.
I have to say, I feel foolish sitting here. I keep looking over to the door hoping to see his face. I truly had no idea it would take so long.
[Please God, let everything be going fine great and let him walk through that front door now.] Oh, I'm worried. [PLEASE]

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