October 29, 2010

Favorites of Mine

I, like most of you women (and some men) love magazines. I never understood why people bought People or Us Weekly. I just don't care about celebrities and their lives; it's irrelevant to me. For some reason though, ever since I was little I've bought home and cooking magazines. After years of buying them with my allowance money I realized that the vast majority of the recipes in my most beloved reads were disgusting! So I have resorted to cooking blogs.
Lately, I've discovered a new obsession, pregnancy mags!! Oh, and their websites.
So if you're pregnant, like I know some of you are, or just liking the idea, here are some of the things I adore as a preggo...
  • Fit Pregnancy magazine and site have great topics that I wouldn't even have thought about, so it's got a lot of information. It's also a good source of easy exercises and healthy food ideas.
  • I get updates on baby's growth and changes in my body from The Bump via email. The hubby loves reading this too!
  • I found the best maternity jeans ever at Forever 21. They only have elastic in the front, which I love 'cause they don't look like fat lady jeans and they're super comfortable. The best part, I only paid thirteen bucks! Awesome!
  • I also bought a "belly band" from Forever21. It allows my to wear my old jeans [unbuttoned] with longer shirts. It's super comfy and it helps keep the belly from moving too much while on the go. I wore this on the bus we took to the visa appointment. I was SO glad I bought this. So, if you plan to travel I highly recommend buying one!
  • Being super concerned like most women about stretch marks, I was told to use lotions to prevent them ahead of time. So I bought Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Balm. I personally love the smell and it keeps my body moisturized for a long time. If you buy it, put it on everything that's going to stretch. Boobs, butt, belly - the works!
  • Lastly, Parents.com has information (similar to The Bump) about each trimester, labor & delivery and much more. One of my favorites though, are the sweepstakes. Every day they have giveaways ranging from baby gear and clothes to things for us moms-to-be.
I hope this info helps! I have more things I'm planning to try out, so hopefully I'll have some good feedback.

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