October 11, 2010

Our Second FIRST Weekend

The weekend was filled with many firsts for us but especially for Marcos.
On Friday we finally went to our apartment so Marcos could see where I had been living! We went grocery shopping for our first time [in the states] and later had a good time looking at ALL the gifts we received at the baby shower.
I think one of Marcos' favorite gifts to play with was the stroller/car seat that my grandma gave us. He spent most of the time we were at the apartment, reading the manual and playing with it.
If he's having that much fun with just the stroller, I can't imagine what he's going to do once the baby is born. From the feeding to the awesome baby toys to bath time. I have a feeling that he will want to take baths with all the bath toys before the baby ever does. The bath toys are even more exciting to him because he's never even taken a bath before! As a baby he took baths in a bucket; not to much room for toys in there. So all of this is exciting for him at whole other level!
Because we wanted to attend church on Sunday, we cut the stay at the apartment short and left on Saturday. So on our way back to my parent's, we stopped at an outlet mall. We were so glad to spend time with each other that we barely noticed the packed parking lot! Like most outlet malls, every store had a "sale." We found a few things the Marcos needed and found a bunch of stores that sell baby things. I guess we've just never had our baby radars turned on. Carter's had a huge sale that we wished we could have taken part in. We just couldn't find any neutral clothes! So we sadly walked out with nothing but soon were enjoying Marcos' first Auntie Anne's pretzel!

Yesterday as you know, was Sunday. It was Marcos' first time in an all English service. He was thankful that the words to the songs were on a screen at the front and understood the sermon enough to talk with me about it afterward. After service we were invited out to lunch to welcome my hubby to the states. It was our first time eating at Logan's Steakhouse and the hubby's first time eating a steak!
Experiencing "firsts" with my husband has been a lot of fun and I have a few more planned for this week so stay tuned!

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