October 8, 2010

I'm Not Dreaming

Yesterday was Marcos' one week "anniversary" of being here in the big USA. It for sure doesn't seem like a week should have been able to fly by that fast. So it's been a week and we still haven't gone "home." Sad isn't it?
We're still at my parents. But oddly enough, I do enjoy it. Marcos is here with me so why would I complain? The pull-out couch has been good to us, our backs, and my belly. Marcos is enjoying working with his suegro. And me well, like I said, I'm just happy to finally be with the hubby!
Thankfully Marcos' day off is Wednesday, so we got to go "explore" a little. We went to a bunch of little stores and then to Babies R Us. Even though he didn't come out and say it, I'm pretty sure that was a shock; seeing a store bigger than any back home but only this time it's all for babies! We had a lot of fun looking at clothes and toys but I think the best part of all the "window" shopping was just being able to be together. We could show things to each other in person that we liked or didn't like instead of just taking pictures with our phones to show the other one later. AND! We got to hold hands again!
I am so happy this is for real. I will admit that it doesn't feel real. Just over a week has gone by and I still haven't grasped the idea that he's not going back. He's here to stay and I don't have to say good-bye anymore!

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