October 4, 2010

First Days

Today is Marcos' fifth day in the states which has also ended up being his fifth day working in the states.

Our first day as "reunited couple" we headed out after breakfast, planning on spending the next two days alone at our apartment. I had great meals planned and was stoked to show Marcos where we live and all the stuff we've been blessed with from the baby shower!!
Not even half way to our apartment, POW! Flat tire.
But no worries, Marcos was there to put on the spare. [Yes, I know how to change a tire. But me and my pregnant self cannot lift anything heavy, let alone yank lug nuts off the tire.] So we put on the spare and SPHH! Spare tire goes flat.
It would have been fine if we weren't in the middle of no where!
Because of this unfortunate event on his first day here we've just ended up staying at my parent's on their surprisingly comfortable couch.

Day two was Friday. Marcos went to work with my dad, doing electrical and cement work.

On the third day, our whole family worked on moving a family out of one house and into another. We got up early and didn't go to bed until late which is fine except for the fact that my legs and butt are still sore today!

Yesterday we slept in after Saturday's super long day. In the afternoon the men of the family went back to move a few heavy things at the house.
The best part of this whole time together was last night. Marcos and I made some super awesome white chili and corn bread. [If you want me to post the recipe, let me know.] And we enjoyed it while watching the Bears game. For it being Marcos' first football game ever, we were very disappointed with the way the game went but we still had fun!

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