January 30, 2011


Well, the last time I blogged I was complaining that I was two days late. That same afternoon (late afternoon) my contractions started. They weren't really constant and I wasn't even sure if they were contractions until late that night. At around one the next morning is when they started to "progress" and actually seem like contractions. And by 4 am we were at the hospital with my contractions being 5 minutes apart.
That morning, the morning of January 6th, our son was born! A son! I have a son! I'M A MOM!
He was born super healthy, measuring 20 inches and weighing in at exactly 7 pounds. Oh, and by the way, he's the cutest little boy I've ever seen!
So as you can probably imagine by reading this, I didn't have to be induced! I am very proud of this and very proud of the fact that I didn't need to have a c-section. They did end up giving me meds to help my contractions progress faster, which I now know makes me sick. [I was throwing up like crazy]. I also ended up having an epidural, which I didn't plan on. I'm pretty sure that if the oxytocin hadn't made me super sick that I could have gone without it. But to any of you who are nervous about getting one or not sure because of horror stories you've heard, don't sweat it. It was pretty much painless to 'install' and from there on it was smooth sailing. With having the epidural, labor and delivery was a piece of cake!
The absolute worst part are the first few days of being home. The aches and pains plus the newness of being a mommy is just overwhelming. It isn't bad, it was just unexpected for me. Thankfully I have my parents close and an amazing husband who have helped me out so I don't lose my mind and have given me the chance to shower! (Thanks guys!)
So if you are pregnant or thinking about becoming so, it's all good. Don't worry! The "bad" parts aren't bad, they are just unexpected times and moments that you'll know how to take care of in no time.
Want to know something else cool? A week after the delivery, I could fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans! No more belly, at all! And...!!! No stretch marks! Mama Bee worked! [If only I would have used it on my boobs more! Yes, they are huge now. And thankfully are no longer engorged!]
I hope to blog more. I have been journaling and have more on labor, the somewhat creepy nurse and more. I just haven't had the chance to type it. Stay tuned.

ps. Our son is three and a half weeks old!

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