January 5, 2011

Two Days Late

To be induced or not to be?
That is the question.

Had my appointment this morning.
It started out as usual. Had my first non stress test today.
Not too bad, just slightly uncomfortable.
The unusual yet funny thing is that during the exam the doctor informed us that she could feel the facial features of the baby. [What? That's possible?] I was slightly shocked but it only made me want to see that face so much more.
The doctor also reported that I'm all ready to go and could give birth now if I wanted. She asked if I wanted to be induced today or tomorrow night. After thinking about it, I made the difficult decision to just wait and see if I can go into labor on my own. As much as I would love the back pain to be over with and to be able to sleep in whatever position I'd like, I just couldn't say yes to that.
So I went ahead and made an appointment for Monday. If baby still hasn't come, I'll be heading to the maternity ward to be induced. Prayerfully I won't have to wait 'til then.
Oh baby. You have my go ahead to come on out!

Oh! And did I mention that we're moving? Yeah. We are. I'll let you know how that goes.
I think that may have been the main reason I didn't agree to being induced yet. I want to be all moved in before baby comes. That makes sense doesn't it?

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  1. exciting! Where are you moving to? did you find a place around Mcallen? makes total sense. and if i was in your position i would want to go into labor naturally too. praying for you!