March 7, 2011


A baby's first poop is crazy! It's black and it's the stickiest thing you've ever seen. As soon as he or she poops it out, you had better change that diaper. Otherwise you're going to have a hell of a time cleaning that tiny little seat. Oh, and any part of your body that happens to get poop all over it. You won't believe how covered you can get.
Thankfully the tar-like mess doesn't last long. It will soon turn into this yellowish seedy poop that tends to easily fill and leak out of the diaper, no matter what size diaper you buy. 
Not only does the type of poop change but how often it happens as well. At the beginning it will seem like you're changing poopy diapers left and right. And then all of a sudden maybe a few times a week! 
I was worried, as I imagine other mothers would be, at this lack of poop. Well, I found out for sure today that it's totally normal. [That's a relief!]

Anyways. During those first six weeks when my son was filling his diaper multiple times on a daily basis it was so loud. It sounded like a rocket going off in his pants! And no little make-it-yourself model. I'm talking about a huge NASA rocket. So each time he pooped I couldn't help but laugh. I laughed. My husband laughed. My sister and parents. We all were cracking up. It was just so hilarious. 
After laughing for a week or so, I realized that each time my son were to poop in the future he himself would laugh. But I just kept on laughing when the rocket went off.
Soon after that I had a poopy diaper dream. My son was just old enough to walk and run. In this dream he stuck his hands in his diaper, pulled them out and ran down the hall. As he ran he smeared the poop, almost finger painting it on the walls as he ran. Laughing the whole time. 

Just the other day my son had one of his few poops of the week. He started to squeal but as soon as I realized he had just pooped, we both started laughing. I said, "You pooped!" My voice was overly excited and he picked up on that right away. While I changed him, he laughed and laughed and then with this mischievous grin stuck both of his hands in the poop filled mess. Laughing and squealing he pulled them out as if to show me what he had done! And if that wasn't enough, he then pulled up his legs and plopped both feet in it. It's amazing how covered he got in just those few seconds. With him being as cute as he is, all I could do was laugh

For some odd reason, I think my dream will come true.Uh-oh!

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  1. Hehe Gavin did that when he was itty bitty too!