April 1, 2011

April Showers, Please

I tried to sneak up on him and take his picture. I failed. He saw me!

April first.
The beginning of a month that for most shows us the signs of Spring.
Trees and flowers begin to come back after hiding out all winter. Baby animals seem to pop up everywhere. Those April showers come to bring on the May flowers.
Oh, how I hope that we down here are blessed with a month filled to the max with those showers.
My rain boots are sitting here, calling out to be used!

This is a very special month. We will be celebrating our second anniversary. I am so excited that I will actually get to spend time with my husband on our anniversary this year!! Last year, as some of you may remember, I didn't even get to see my hubby. I was stuck here in the states while he was on the other side of the border.
I'm not sure if we're buying gifts for each other or if we're going to buy something we both have been wanting. Or, maybe we'll just save the money and not get anything!
One thing I do know is I am so in love with my husband and just being blessed to be with him here is plenty for me. Not to get all mushy gushy on you or anything, I just want to get that across.
I will admit that it hasn't been easy.
A lot of people say that the first few years are the hardest. And well... Hm. I don't know that I agree. We've had some huge trials in our marriage between living in a war zone to having to live apart from each other for months to living with family. It has been far from easy. But something tells me that if we were to have gone without all those hard times, we still wouldn't agree with those people [who think marriage is difficult in those first years].

I am so blessed. God couldn't have created a more perfect husband for me.
Thank you Jesus, for answering my prayers with such an amazing man! Now, please just bring on those April showers!

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