April 6, 2011

Growing Like A Weed

Today is April 6th.
Which means that my little Joaquin is three months old.
Like I have said before, it seems ages ago that I was in the hospital with him. But then I look at him and wonder how he has gotten so big.
It's like Bill was saying the other day about his chickens. He said that he doesn't really see the growth that much because he sees them every day.
I am with Joaquin every single day, all day long. So I can't really miss seeing how much he's grown. And then suddenly I'm standing there, shocked when I watching him in his swing or playing on my yoga mat.

I also see it with the clothes I've already started to pack away. Zero-three month clothing stopped fitting him over a month ago and only some three month clothes fit him.
Even with all the clothes we have for him [thanks to so many gifts] I had to go to the store to buy onesies that were long and not just short and fat. My baby is NOT fat. He has a little chub which is adorable. I just hate putting him in clothes that are SO extremely huge at the waist. So thanks to Gerber and Circo, we have six new "outfits" to put him in. I say "outfits" because he's usually just in a onesie with a possible pair of socks. No pants. It's just way to hot here.

He's just growing like a weed. [A really cute weed!]

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