December 28, 2009

Chicken Poop

Back in May, while prepping for the wedding, the two of us went to clean the wedding site.
One of the things that needed cleaning was the fountain. It was beautiful and I planned to fill the fountain and float candles and orchids in it. The only problem was that it was covered in bird poop.
So we brought some old scrub brushes and went to work on the fountain. With my hubby constantly learning English, he learned something new [while cleaning]. Bird poop. He thought it was the funniest sounding thing, so he kept saying it and using it in sentences.

[Late]Christmas shopping this year I was checking out after buying some tools for the man. At the check out there was a little box containing "chicken poop." Ew, I know right? Gross! But looking closer, it was a gag. It was just plain chap stick on the inside. So with the memory of cleaning the fountain, I bought it as a gag for my husband.
Christmas morning, I sent my husband on a treasure hunt. I gave him a clue of where the first gift was hidden and with each gift there was another clue. Let me tell you, the look on his face when he opened the chicken poop chap stick!!! Priceless!
Now that he's figured out what it really is, he totes it everywhere - grossing everyone out!

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