December 15, 2009

I forgot about Christmas

How is it that Christmas is next week?
Where have I been? How did I forget?!

Because of all our unexpected payouts this year, we're not buying many gifts. But even so, I'm way late on getting started. So...
Surprise! I bought the first of my Christmas gifts.... YESTERDAY!
Yeah, you get my drift. Much longer lines. Walmart takes and hour just to check out, so in other words, bring a book with you. Oh and not to mention the last of the "pickins." A few months back I found something that I thought my husband would like but now, the store is sold out. Blah.

Every year my mom, my sister and I make Christmas cookies together. Lots and lots so we can freeze them. This year, we haven't made one. Not one!

Maybe all this forgetfulness is due to where we live now. It no longer gets cold [so there's no snow!]. It just seems like summer still.
I think I need to where there are more seasons. Washington, Oregon, Maine, Illinois. Something.
Do you have any suggestions?

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