May 11, 2010

No More Finals!

Last night I had my last final of the semester (thank you Jesus!). With things being the way they are back home, I didn't want to drive by myself all that way. So I decided to stay state side and go visit my parents, even though they live even farther away then my in-laws. I stayed overnight after a late night run for expensive Chinese that didn't end up being all that great. The next morning I went to Target with my mom and sister before I headed back home. I headed straight for the baby section and took pictures with my phone (sh!) of a few cribs and car seats to show my husband. After filling my mind with all things baby, I headed to the book section where I ended up bumping into my mom. I picked out a book on baby names while she wanted to buy me the famous “What to Expect When You're Expecting.” I also ended up buying a novel and my sister lent me a book she had been reading. So off I went with all my books, and only if you could have seen my husband's eyes when I arrived with a library in the backseat. Priceless.

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