May 31, 2010

Late Blog

Oh me, oh my.
I must apologize for not writing. I can't say that I forgot to write. I just was putting it off.
Big, big things have been happening in our lives and I needed to get a handle on my feelings before I typed it for you all to get excited about.
As two of my best friends would say, it could only be one of two things. And well let me just tell you now that my hubby is still waiting on his papers. This news only makes that fact more and more difficult.
So here it goes...
I'm pregnant!

Yep. You read correctly.         PREGNANT!

I found out about three weeks ago and waited until after my first doctor's appointment before telling anyone. I will admit to telling a handful of people via phone before letting y'all know. So please forgive me if I didn't tell you in person. A few of you I wanted to tell but didn't have numbers. Sorry.

I have written blogs about being pregnant and all the great experiences I've had since I found out, I just haven't submitted any of them. So don't think that I've given up on blogging or that I've forgotten about you guys.

So the blog is taking on yet another new aspect. Me, us and our first pregnancy.
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  1. Oh my goodness!!!! Congratulations girl! I am SOOOOO excited for you two! What a blessing! :)