May 26, 2010

Nearly Two Months Along

I'm here in Mexico, doing my laundry and writing to you. I am now 7 weeks along. Still early but almost to 2 months. My cravings haven't gotten real weird yet. Two days ago I got some nopal tacos. I don't usually get those. They are usually too slimy for my taste but that day they were pretty tasty. I made potato soup last night that turned out awesome!! I think I'll be having that for lunch as well. My brother-in-law came home for my husband's birthday, which was Monday. He made dinner for anyone who wanted it (pollo and carne asada) after I had already made dinner for Marcos and I. But sitting there in front of the fire pit made me crave s'mores! I didn't have the stuff to make them though. Bummer.

I ended up feeling really bad though. My mother-in-law heard that I wanted some and brought me a bag of marshmallows. It was too late to eat them by then and I had already brushed my teeth. So I think I'll roast a few over the stove today!

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