February 19, 2010

Friday! Oh, it's Friday!

"Friday! Oh, it's Friday!"  YES!
I have very little homework to do this weekend, so that means more time with me and my man!
I have decided that I don't surprise him enough so I have something in mind. But I will have to tell you later in case he reads this before it happens. And that way I can tell you about the results as well.
Well this morning I brought a cookbook to school with my to read in between classes and I'm pretty sure I cause double-takes as people walked by. Normally I'm sitting reading my homework or writing out an assignment for the next week. But today I had this food-filled, colorful book of deliciousness. I'd say that's a little different than my books on interpersonal communication or environmental science.
So I'm ready, waiting for my ride. I'm packed and ready to go!
Wish me luck!

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