February 5, 2010

Feliz Cumple Dad!

Today is February 5th.
It is my dad's 50th birthday today.

Hopefully he won't read this.
My husband, my mom, sister, and I are traveling to where he is facilitating a team as a surprise. We currently have his favorite cake in the oven and a few small gifts to take with.
I hope he's surprised! (Happily surprised, that is)

At Walmart today I noticed that like hot dogs and their buns, candles come in oddly numbered amounts. I would have had to buy three packages of candles in order to have the fifty candles needed this year. Not bad. Except I would more than enough candles left over to celebrate my birthday next year. Blah. Why do companies do this? Six buns and eight dogs. Oh whatever.

Anyways. I must head out to get my husband. I have good news to tell him but I need to tell him before I tell the rest of the world. So wish me luck!

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