February 8, 2010

Dear John, Your movie sucked.

Girls Night last night was interesting.
The movie we planned on seeing didn't happen. Once the third or forth preview started the movie melted. In better words, it burned! Smoke, bubbling film... the works. HA!
So because it was the only reel of film they had of that movie, we went to Dear John.
Now I have always enjoyed Nick Sparks books/movies. (Notebook, Walk to Remember, etc.) But this was a different story. I didn't personally read the book before hand but my sister did. I was about to but because of the unfortunate matter with the first movie attempt, I didn't have the chance. Anyways, I hated it. I would not recommend seeing it. It doesn't follow the book. Now, I know most movies don't follow the book to the tee but I mean come on!! This was ridiculous!
Hopefully The Last Song will be better. Apart from not following the book, it was a terrible story line. If they would have followed the book, maybe. But they didn't and it was bad. I felt so awful for the poor John guy and they portrayed Tim as a creepy ex-husband with a kid. I know they tried to make it cute but it didn't work out to their benefit.
So, sorry to those who liked the film. Go read the book. My sister said it was good, unlike the movie.

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  1. boooo
    now i'll be thinking about a creepy ex husband when i go see it! lol