February 16, 2010

Plant Babies

Many people over the years have said that you need to be able to take care of a plant before you even think about having a baby. It's a funny, maybe even twisted, way of prepping us to care for a living thing. There's probably a few steps you could take... Like a How-To Get Ready for a Baby prep list. Start with an already grown plant and then progress to a bulb and then to little seeds. And then once you finish with plants maybe you could adopt a pet.
Well, I bought plants. I bought an already grown plant and 5 bulbs. I bought white daffodils and white hyacinth. The daffodils have grown and bloomed!!! The plant that was already grown looks great! I think it's greener than when I bought it. And well.... the hyacinth bloomed a little and is now dying.

So what does it mean when 4 of the 6 plants are ok? Does that mean I need to keep trying? More plants? Can I graduate on to tiny seeds now?

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