February 18, 2010

Killer Tea

Have any of you ever attempted drinking tea or coffee before bed?
I have and realized what a HUGE mistake I'd made.
It does weird stuff to my brain. Even if I'm half asleep my brain goes into this discombobulated freak out. I can't, for whatever reason, slow my mind down. I think of everything all at once, the problems I'm having and how I can fix them, what I need to do in the morning, what needs to be cleaned... ! So the night pretty much ends up being a battle of me and my brain. I get no rest and I feel more tired when it's time for me to wake up than when I went to sleep in the first place.

Last night was highly comparable to my past experiences. I was just sitting, doing homework while drinking some tea. I poured the tea around 8 and after a few warm ups finished the cup around 11. Ok maybe it was 11:30. I was happy, the tea was nice and warm, I was cozy doing homework. It all seemed quite nice.
After finishing, the homework and the tea, I got things ready for class [today] and hopped into bed. I couldn't, for the life of me, fall asleep. Everything I tried, failed. News flash! Counting sheep does not work when your brain is hopped up on caffeine! Even if I tried to make my mind go blank, I would think about blank. "Why is it called blank," and so on. But the difference between the past times and last night, is the fact that I was wide awake. I wasn't fighting with myself. I was just incredibly alert. I could have cleaned the entire apartment from top to bottom and finished all my homework, and still not be the least bit tired.

With that said, I was up until around 4 this morning. That's when it hit. The caffeine drop. It's almost as if someone where to have come in and sucked all your energy out with a hose. Now I'm up for the day. I've been emailing people back, eating doughnuts from HEB that I bought yesterday and enjoying the day to get everything done that's been on my list. But you want to know something funny? I want some tea.

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