February 11, 2010

Thank you to my ill professor.

Long weekend, oh how I love thee!
I am so excited that my professors canceled classes! I'm not rejoicing in the fact that one is bed ridden for the week because of surgery but I am glad that he canceled class for the week! The other went to some art conference in Chicago. So thanks to both of you for the long weekend to be with my husband.
To top things off, my husband had no clue that I didn't have class. So this afternoon I stopped by the site to surprise him. He was super happy! Ecstatic!
Sunday is Valentine's Day. I have never been a hater or a lover of the day. Even having a boyfriend/husband doesn't seem to make a difference. It's cool that it's on a Sunday this year though, so I can be with my husband for more than just dinner. We're not doing gifts, as far as I know. Just a good breakfast and maybe ice cream later before I have to head back to the states.
Keep praying for papers.
I know I said that I have news. We did receive a letter from the USCIS stating that his papers have been approved and that the NVC will contact us letting us know what to do next. So here we are, waiting again. Please! This has been 5 months waiting. Ok, 5 months on Sunday. So a great Valentine's Day gift to both of us would be the next letter, ok?
Pray for us, please! I miss my husband sooooo much!

Happy Valentines Day!

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