March 22, 2010

A boring day in the life of...

After pouring myself a glass of juice, I found myself steering toward the bedroom, juice container in hand. Flabbergasted, I quickly scolded myself and returned the juice to his cool habitat.
Yep. I am super sleepy. I don't know why... I slept ok. I got up and was fine all morning. Hm.

Well day one, more like attempt one, of the make-over.
I thought all was going well. Tried to take a picture of it. For some reason, my camera make my freckles look reddish and almost like zits. Oh ew.
I tried parting my hair on the other side... blah. Makes my forehead look massive. Make up is ok. We're still working on this though.
Contemplating a haircut. Ideas?

Still no letter. What is weird though, is that I hardly get any mail, if at all. My mail comes here and my parent's is supposed to be forwarded here while they're out of town but I haven't received anything! This is bad. I tomorrow if I don't get anything for my parents, I'll have to go to the post office.
Sorry for being boring guys. Not too much is happening.

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