March 25, 2010

Where Did the Day Go?

Would someone like to explain to me how it's already after 5? Goodness gracious! I didn't even do that much today.
Class this morning, where I presented a PowerPoint on polygamy. I know I'm supposed to keep an open mind, but ew. Glad that's over with. I finished all my homework for half of my classes. All of the homework for this week though.
I cleaned the the apartment. Floors, dishes, bathroom, the whole shabang!
So I suppose I did a lot but I had no idea that it was after 5.
The goals for the rest of the day....
Hm. Other than packing, I'm not quite sure.
Yes, packing. I am going to see my hubby for the weekend. A whole day and a half. Not having to fall asleep hugging my pillow, waking up to his face, being able to talk face to face... It's totally worth it!

So you know how I had e-mailed the NVC and hadn't heard back. And remember how I called last night? Well, they e-mailed me this morning. Ha. They are sending me another copy of my letter/bill and that one will supposedly arrive with 5-10 business days. Well, we'll see. I'll probably get them both on the same day.

No make-over news. Just a heat rash. Yes. It's hot.
I hate having fragile skin.

Do any of you have house plants? How do you keep those awful little gnats from breeding in them???? I can't get rid of these things!!! Any ideas would be swell!

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