March 4, 2010


Well readers, here I am.
My house guests are gone and my husband still isn't here. So I'm back to being lonely. Weird, right?

My parents moved out of their house this week which was a big stress on my dad's mind. Well, they're out.
According to my husband, Max spent his first night outside. He's camping out at my mother-in-laws along with my husband. This is something big. Max is the biggest baby and hates to be alone. So for him to sleep alone, outside. Wow. Good job Max!

My week hasn't been too eventful so far. Class, class, and more classes.
Everyday I pray more. I have never prayed so hard about something. I have never not cried. So each day, when I get home... I pray even harder all the way to the mailbox. But each day so far,... nothing. Empty. Junk mail. Or bills. Boo.
I got my notice of approval... come on! This is horrible! IT MAKES MY HEART HURT! I don't want to be without him anymore!

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